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We have a question…

June 17, 2004

Very busy lately, but it is important that we have a question ready (since early this week). The question: żEstá usted de acuerdo con dejar sin efecto el mandato popular otorgado mediante elecciones democráticas legítimas al ciudadano Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías como presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela para el actual periodo presidencial? 1) No y 2) Sí. And My translation: Do you agree to leave without effect the popular mandate given through legitimate democratic elections to the citizen Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías as president of the Venezuelan Bolivarian Republic for the current presidential period? 1) No and 2) Yes. Yes, the answers are reversed, the chavistas seem to think there are enough dyslexics in Venezuela to upset the vote. Wishful thinking.



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