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Desintegration before integration?

May 1, 2006

Let me see
if I get it, Chavez gets out of the CAN, so he can join Mercosur or start his
own block ALBA, sans ALCA signees. Uruguay,
the beneficiary of Chavez largesse, pulls
of Mercosur and will visit Bush, saying he will model his countrys
trade policy after Chile (read ALCA),
joining many trade agreements (Why pull out of Mercosur then?).Evo nationalizes
gas away from the Brazilian and Spanish imperialists, after Lula asked Chavez to
stop Evo from making trouble. Lula is mad, saying
(in Portuguese) that Bolivias
act is not a friendly act. Evo talks
about nationalizing everything (Including Chile’s sea?). Zapatero is still apparently sleeping, but when he wakes up, he will say he is “concerned” (That’s all he knows how to do). Why are Fox and
Uribe smiling?

Who is on first?

I guess
you have to disintegrate to integrate or something like that. Or maybe we are just too diverse to make it work anyway.


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