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More rampant corruption charges at the highest levels of power of the revolution

June 6, 2006

–It turns
out that the reason why former Governor Lapi was ostensibly jailed for was not
following the law and not opening for bids for a highway contract. Well, the
Presidentís father has done this repeatedly and denounced for it, but hey! He
is the father of Hugo Chavez the autocrat, thus he has not even been
investigated for it! Chavezí father is also accused of naming Chavezí brother
Argenis as ďpro-tempore GovernorĒ allowing him to essentially run the state.
That position does not exist in Venezuelaís

–And how
about the Milan
family. Oly Millan is the Minister for the Popular Economy and before that she
was the President of the fund for agricultural development Fondafa. Fondafa has
been formally charged with financing more hectares for planting that there are
available in Yaracuy state. Well, the Ministerís
brother went to the Prosecutorís office yesterday to accuse
his own brother
in law, for asking for a Bs. 1 billion commission if he wants to obtain a Bs. 7
billion loan from Fondafa. Oly Millanís husband now works at Fondafa where his
brother in law says he wields and enormous amount of power, given that his wife
is a Minister. He also accused his brother in law with threatening to kill him.
I guess it is all in the family with the Millans.

Causa R leader and supposedly now Presidential Candidate Pablo Medina showed up at the
Prosecutorís Generalís office
to denounce the Minister of Interior and
Justice and his brother for influence peddling. The case was reported here long ago, but
Justice Velasquez Alvaray mentioned it when he was charged by the moral
council. Chaconís brother Arne was a lowly employee of the tax office in 2002
but now has purchased milks pants and owns an investment bank. Moreover, the Superintendence
of Banks had to approve the purchase and the basic requirement for purchasing a
bank is having banking experience which Chacon lacks. You also have to prove
the source of funds. These are the miracles of corruption in the revolution.

was an interesting
with former Minister of Finance under Chavez General Francisco
Uson. Uson is the only person jailed for the case of the burnt soldiers of Fort Mara
becauseÖimagine! He said that the burns were caused by a flamethrower on a TV program. Those
who caused the deaths are at large, they have not even been charged, but this was
a good excuse to jail Uson, a true political prisoner in Chavezí Venezuela. Nothing has been done about the human rights
violations that day or who killed the soldiers, but Uson has been jailed since last summer for his crime of sying what he thought.  It is all a huge cover-up by the
military. And nothing happens.

Amazingly, Uson was quite quiet after resigning
on April 11th. 2002 because he blamed Chavez for the deaths that day. In
the interview Uson says that Chavez acts like a gangster head of an organized
crime family. He says literally with reference to the Generals in power ďHe
(Chavez) places them where there is (money) and letís them steal with full
handsĒ. What impressed me about the interview, besides the fact that Uson has
always been a very serious character, was the fact that in many questions he answers
by saying that all he knows about a topic is what he has read in the media and says nothing more. Uson
was convicted for a ďcrime of opinionĒ, a crime that does not exist in Venezuelaís

These four cases show that contrary to the
Vice-Presidentís statements
Justice has progressed little in the robolution.
In fact, most of these corruption cases are simply too obvious and blatant and
nothing happens. Somebody should explain to him that except for the Velasquez
Alvaray case, few Chavistas have been investigated or charged, despite the many
cases of corruptions denounced in the media with evidence.

The strange features of the electoral registry that Chavismo does not want anyone to learn

June 6, 2006

Without giving any explanation, Chavez’ MVR rejects the audit of the electoral registry proposed by three universities. What are they afraid of?

1- Could it be that it does not make sense that 65% of the Venezuelan population is now registered to vote, for which they have to be over 18? Does this correlate with the census?

2.- I had placed three ID cards here with teh same picture. I was told a magazine reported this guy was caught with thrree ID’s with different ages and names. I tried to track it down today but coudln’t. The point is and was that thousands of people got ID cards that allow them to register to vote without anyone checking the validity of the card. I will post again if I get the copy promised to me.

In any case the point is that there are a huge number of irregularities that justify audting and making the electoral registry better. For example, I placed this in the comments:
By the way, if yo go to the INE webpage ( it extrapolates using the data from the 2001 census
that in 2006 the population would be 27,030,656 persons. Of these,
11,037,506 would be 19 or below. One can estimate from this that some 360,000
turned new voters were eligble that year to vote, so the total 18 or
below is 11,001,000 approximately. That would say that 16,029,500 would
be eligible to vote IF YOU REGISTERED THEM ALL TO VOTE. The CNE says there will
be 17 million regsitered to vote in the December presidential election.
Efficient no, one million more registered than people avaialable? This is the type of inconsistencies that USB, UCV and
UCAB want to look at.This is the reason why there is no justification for MVR opposing the audit.But they coudl care less about logic, technology and the like.

3.- Or, as seen in Noticiero Digital , there are eight Gonzalez in Venezuela who have no first name, no second last name, but hey, they can vote as seen below as taken straight out of the electoral registry. This is illegal by the way, your name has to be exactly as in your ID. These are the same people who invalidated half a million signatures from the recall petition for simple smudges. Can Mr. Lara explain this curioisty to us? Are they part of the amazing Gonzalez family since they are also from Maracaibo? How many other last names show this? (You can try these at the CNE website


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