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Conviasa plane crashes, Government had been warned of problems…

August 31, 2008

We are sometimes accused of blaming Hugo Chavez for things he
supposedly has no control over, like the viaduct, where he was warned over and
over about the danger of it falling and Chavez said this was a media conspiracyuntil
it fell.

Well, today we hear the sad news that a Venezuelan
Conviasa cargo flight crashed in Ecuador
with the all members of the crew

But on July 3d. Nelson Bocaranda in
his weekly rumor column said

CONVIASA. Slo la bendicin divina ha evitado accidentes
CONVIASA. Solo la bendicin divina ha evitado accidentes en esta lnea del
gobierno donde cualquier denuncia de los pilotos o el resto del personal se
paga con el despido inmediato y el ingreso a la lista de Tascn. Me traen los
documentos con el caso del avin Boeing B737-200 con siglas YV101T

Which translates as:

CONVIASA: Only a divine blessing has avoided accidents in
CONVIASA this Government airline where any denunciation by the pilots or the
rest of the personnel is paid with an immediate firing and your inclusion in
the Tascon list. They bring me the documents of a Boeing B737-200 with registry

Well, I dont know if the airplane is the same, but it is a
B737-200 that crashed in Ecuador and the news release says that it was its way
there for maintenance, adding another piece to this puzzle.

Recall the Government had to self-intervene Conviasa in May and so far the whole affair of running the airline ha been an expsensive disaster.

Who is responsible? This is another Chavez folly…


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