The Miami Venezuelan Maletagate trial part XVIII (and last?): Franklin Duran sentenced

March 17, 2009

Franklin Duran, the only man accused in the Miami Maletagate trial, who declared himself innocent, was sentenced to four years in jail and three years of parole, for acting as an agent of the Venezuelan Government without registering. He will also have to pay a fine of US$ 175,000.

Duran went to Miami with four other Venezuelans to help in the cover up of the origin of the US$ 800,000 found in the suitcase of Guido Antonini as he arrived in a PDVSA flight in Buenos Aires. Of the other four men involved in the case, three declared themselves guilty and cooperated with the prosecutor, while a fifth one is still at large.

Despite the accusations made in the Court and the testimony by the men involved and evidence in audio tapes that high level Venezuelan officials were involved in the cover-up, the Venezuelan Government has disregarded the case as a US plot.  However, the money and the evidence shows the levels of corruption and lawlessness present in the Venezuelan Government.

One Response to “The Miami Venezuelan Maletagate trial part XVIII (and last?): Franklin Duran sentenced”

  1. A.Guinand Says:

    Miguel, sorry for the OT comment…

    You (and the rest of your readers) need to watch this video.

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