Venezuela and Chavez rank low on wikileak files » wiki

3 Responses to “wiki”

  1. Ira Says:

    The chart doesn’t mean anything, since it only represents the communications that Wikileaks obtained.

    In addition, the most important communications were made by more secure means, not reflected here.

    These leaks are embarrassing to the U.S. and other countries because they reveal some embarrassing comments by some, but on the whole, they don’t really mean anything all that important.

  2. Roy Says:

    Now what REALLY begs the question/s is why is Wrangel Island number seven???!!!

    Questions in order:

    1. What the HELL is going on on this tiny frozen island in the Arctic Ocean to warrant over 7,000 official State Dept. cables?

    2. Why is this island listed separately on the graph, when it is part of Russia?

    3. How many years of cables does the WikiLeaks release include?

    4. So, what will Chavez say when he learns that there was nearly twice as much traffic about some island he never heard of before than about him?

  3. jeffry house Says:

    Note that, although Chavez is more important than Burma, he is WAY less important than Zimbabwe itself.

    A few dozen cadenas should fix that, especially if he talks very naughty.

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