Reporters can be scary to Chavez’ National Guard Opressors » reporter

One Response to “reporter”

  1. RDB Says:

    If that soldier was in my company under my command he would spend the next 5 days training,again.
    face mask up, a no no.
    weapon extended away from the body, a serious no no.
    left hand not in full control of the weapon,note the spare shells in the palm and only a thumb and two fingers on the slide?
    a finger on the trigger?
    either he was not incontrol or he hesitated when he should have pulled it.
    either one is bad.

    when you pull a weapon to indimidate you had best be ready to instantly follow through.
    hoping the person your intimidating has no training is not a wise choice.
    that soldier is barely in control of the weapon and it would not be difficult to remove it from his control and use it on him.
    would someone get hurt? possibly but that weapon,does not have extended magazine, can hold 5 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.
    looks like a lot of other VE military I have observed in the past 7 years of travel to VE.
    scared,poorly trained and not sure what to do.

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