By now, you can even bet on the outcome of Hugo Chavez’ health » chavez

3 Responses to “chavez”

  1. GWEH Says:

    thus I predict there will not be another election using Smartmatic

  2. GWEH Says:

    RWG, the electronic voting system in venezuela is one-of-a-kind. The system is undergoing a US$50M+ upgrade in preparation for next year. The system will be tested during the oppo primaries. “Fearsome” is how I would describe this system and I’m talking about the entire system not just the new mystery machines.

  3. RWG Says:

    Technical point- Suppose Chavez steps down or is forced out before Dec31,2011 but wins the election in 2012. In this case, he is not president but regains the presidency. The words “no longer” raise the point.

    I believe all the Smartmatic machines have already been fixed to shift votes to Chavez. Chavez could be dead and still win in 2012.

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