Venezuelan Regional Election Update at 8:30 PM

December 16, 2012

The best electoral system in the world, according to Jimmy (Who?) Carter, can’t call any of the 23 Gubernatorial elections at 8:30 PM tonight.

But the Devil hears:

Miranda (+6%), Lara and Amazonas in the bag for the opposition.

Zulia looks hard to win

Monagas, Merida look good

Bolivar tied at this time

Carabobo, Tachira and Nueva Esparta we are slightly ahead

Barinas looks like it can go our way (Hard to believe!) (I am told WE WON!)

So far, this is very positive for the opposition!!!


12 Responses to “Venezuelan Regional Election Update at 8:30 PM”

  1. ErneX Says:

    Great, now let’s see how long they take to give results.

  2. Kepler Says:

    Zulia what?

  3. DEAR MIGUEL pls dont´t kid me. I´m too old for such things

  4. Gustavoe Says:

    Dear Miguel what do you know about Nueva e
    sparta and Bolivar?

  5. m_astera Says:

    They are waiting on instructions from Cuba.

  6. Bolivar looks tight, Nueva Esparta ahead

  7. megaescualidos Says:

    What about el Tachira?

  8. Carlos Says:

    It seems that you are worst than Datanalisis

  9. Carlos Says:

    You are worst than Datanalisis

  10. Except for Barinas, was not that far off

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