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Is Drought Really Causing The Problems With Guri Dam?

April 17, 2016

The title of this post may seem strange to some, when you look, for example, at the pictures in this Reuters report, it certainly seems like there is a drought in Guri, except that if the pictures were of the bottom of the now half -dry lake that forms the dam, it is obvious that […]

The Guri Dam And The Electricity Problem In Venezuela

March 13, 2016

People in Caracas were rightly encouraged last week when the city got some rain. Stories about the Guri Dam reaching critical level have been scaring people for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, as you can see in the rain map above from Monday March 14th. at 1 AM, the rain that poured over the city […]

Another Guri update: Corpoelec presentation

April 4, 2010

The last few days, the OPSIS website has not been updating the data, all we know is that there was a sharp drop in the inflow into the Guri dam, as on March 30th. inflow dropped to as low as 430 m^3/sec, the lowest level all year. As usual, our friend Moses sends us some […]

Some interesting slides on Guri and the Corpoelec plan for new electric generation in Venezuela

March 23, 2010

I receive every month a very interesting report from the Venezuelan Academy for Engineering. It always has interesting facts, I particularly enjoy the pictures of unfinished public works by the Chávez Government. In the latest report, which I got yesterday, there is this graph of the position of the turbines in Guri As shown, eight […]

An update on what is happening at Guri dam

March 11, 2010

Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news, is that the model that I presented the other day is doing ok so far, it was predicting for yesterday a height of the water level at Guri dam of 253.25 meters and the reported level in the Opsis website is 253.16 meters. This […]

Some clarifications on the post of when the Guri dam will reach the critical level

March 8, 2010

(Picture of a section of the Guri dam a few days ago) (I still have no Internet at home, rather than answering the comments, here are some clarifications on yesterday’s post) 1- What is the critical level? Strictky speaking is 240 meters, but it is likely to be higher. Flow may have to be restricted […]

An attempt to answer the question of whether the critical level of the Guri dam will be reached

March 6, 2010

Recent Picture of the Guri dam All week, I (we) have been worrying about whether the Guri dam will or not reach the “critical” level of 240 meters above sea level at which point it will have to be shut down. In El Nacional there was an article on Friday in which one person talked […]

Tale Of Two incompetences: The Electric Crisis And The Bill supply

April 27, 2016

As I watched the Vice-President announce yesterday from the Guri dam, that public workers will no longer work from Wednesday to Sunday in order to save electricity, I could not help but wonder how limited in their understanding that pathetic civilian-military combo in the picture above is. By now, they have become a parody of […]

Devil Meets The Devil, As Little Happens in Venezuela

March 29, 2016

                                                             The Devil met the Devil on his vacation Yes, I have been away, I went as far as Tasmania, where the Devil had the chance to meet the Devil (above) a gentle creature compared to Venezuelan politicians, all of which seemed to go away for Semana Santa (on both sides of the equation) And […]

The Maduro Dictatorship “Legalizes” Military Repression

January 29, 2015

Venezuela’s Constitution has an article that is very explicit and clear: Artículo 68. Los ciudadanos y ciudadanas tienen derecho a manifestar, pacíficamente y sin armas, sin otros requisitos que los que establezca la ley. Se prohíbe el uso de armas de fuego y sustancias tóxicas en el control de manifestaciones pacíficas. La ley regulará la […]