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The Guri Dam And The Electricity Problem In Venezuela

March 13, 2016

People in Caracas were rightly encouraged last week when the city got some rain. Stories about the Guri Dam reaching critical level have been scaring people for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, as you can see in the rain map above from Monday March 14th. at 1 AM, the rain that poured over the city […]

Timeline of Venezuelas Government’s electricity flip-flop

April 9, 2011

(Arturo Uslar Pietri: There are no black-outs here,just darkness for you and brightness for other countries) July 8th. 2010. Ali Rodriguez Araque, Minister for Electricity:  We have overcome the Electric Crisis Aug. 29 2010. Vice-President Elias Jaua: The Electric Crisis has been overcome. Sep. 2nd. 2010. President Hugo Chavez : The revolution has increased electricity […]

Looking at Venezuela’s 2011 Nuclear and Electricity Budget

October 24, 2010

(I don’t know what you are good for, but you make us look important) Venezuela’s budget has always (even before Chavez) been an exercise in lying. Beginning with its premises, grandiose expectations of a growing economy, lowering inflation and ending with a total amount that is always increased by 20% with “added credits”. Then, there […]

While Venezuelans are coerced to use less electricity than in 2009 due to the lack of investment, Chávez lends Cuba US$ 170 million to build a power plant there

March 9, 2010

While Venezuelans are coerced, penalized and threatened if they use as much electricity as last year, which is only due to the Government’s incompetence and lack of investment, Chávez lends (???) Cuba US$ 170 million to build a plant in the province of Holguin which will have 175 MW of power and will be interconnected […]

The “loving” President and oligarch shows his total disdain for the people wasting electricity #taponchao

February 11, 2010

Hugo looking as bright as he is Esteban on the base paths Esteban Batting Like a good oligarch, Hugo Chavez wasted electricity tonight showing again his complete disdain for the people he claims to love. While all Venezuelans have to undergo rationing daily and are forced to reduce their usage of electricity, Hugo decided to […]

XXIst. Century Socialism finally arrives in Venezuela: Electricity rationing begins tomorrow!

January 12, 2010

After eleven years of failed policies, the Government of President Hugo Chavez will finally achieve what it has been unable to achieve in any other field: It will bring to all Venezuelan citizens a true feature of socialism in the form of electricity rationing. Yes, I know, dollars were rationed too before, but the poor […]

Still thinking about that electricity problem in Venezuela…

January 7, 2010

Well, I continue to try to understand the electricity problem. I want to know both qualitatively and quantitatively how big the problem is. Thus, another post on the subject and thanks to those that really participated in the comments in helping understand whether the rules made sense or not and how much in deep s… […]

The true measure of Venezuela’s water and electricity problems

November 8, 2009

While Hugo Chavez was worrying today about a US invasion, he should ahve really be paying attention to the problems of the country. Because two or three months ago there was little mention of water and electricity problems by him and his Government and all of a sudden they have taken center stage and they […]

Venezuela’s Electricity and Water supply: Not a pretty picture

November 1, 2009

I have been trying to write about the country’s electricity and water problems for a while, but have not done it because the whole things has so many edges that to describe all of the problems would take a post so long that you would all be bored to death. But in some sense, the […]

Tale Of Two incompetences: The Electric Crisis And The Bill supply

April 27, 2016

As I watched the Vice-President announce yesterday from the Guri dam, that public workers will no longer work from Wednesday to Sunday in order to save electricity, I could not help but wonder how limited in their understanding that pathetic civilian-military combo in the picture above is. By now, they have become a parody of […]