Hyper inflated arepa index hits an all time high

January 31, 2018

A good friend just reported back to me that on Jan 27 the price of my usual queso de mano arepa bought at my favorite arepera was 225,000 Bs., up from essentially two months earlier when it was 35.000 bolivars, for a rise of roughly 270% a month!

Although some months I did not measure it because of my accident, the hyper inflated arepa index hit an all time high. It is a record which is indicative of prices in my country, Venezuela. Inflation is running at an all time high as measured by this index and is a reflection of the bad economic policies.

The timing of this report coincides with progress in my recovery: I am feeling somewhat better.

The friend reported the arepa was as good as ever!

11 Responses to “Hyper inflated arepa index hits an all time high”

  1. Jim Winicky Says:

    I hope your recovery is going well, I really miss your posts. Get well soon.

  2. Bill Simpson Says:

    I nearly took you out of my too long ‘favorites’ list, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Great to discover you are still with us and doing better. Thousands of readers are wishing you the best.

  3. Excellent to see you are doing better. By the way, now that you see what communists can do to a country, do you still think it was a nice thing to do when Obama went to Cuba and took his family?

    • CarlosElio Says:

      All in all, Cuba is a better place than North Korea. You can still g on your won to Bodeguita del Medio and have a mojito while toasting to Hemingway…without an official escort. Do not get me wrong, I despise the Cuban government, I have been there. But needed to mention it because the Orange Travesty will be going to North Korea, maybe even with the Jarvanka duo. So, Fernando, to reply in kind: what do you think of the upcoming trip to North Korea?

  4. deananash Says:

    Thrilled to hear your voice again, Miguel. Sadly, the destruction of Venezuela is only about half-way over.

    The question is, how far down will Venezuelans allow the country to fall before saving it becomes more valuable than their lives?

  5. Felipe Aguirre Says:

    Miguel me alegro mucho por tu recuperación. Un fuerte abrazo.

  6. dancing turtle Says:

    The blogsphere is not the same without you Miguel!!! Thanks for being there.

  7. Lazarus Says:

    Proof what we hear elsewhere… happy new year Devil.. hope to hear more from you, you are needed now.

  8. Jim P. Says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! Unfortunately things are getting really bad in Venezuela,

  9. Marco Negrón Says:

    Saludos Miguel, que alegría saber que progresa tu recuperación. Si es proporcional a la velocidad de deterioro de nuestro país, smuy pronto estarás totalmente recuperado. Abrazo.

  10. Noel Says:

    Amazing that the quality of the arepa remains high. It is an indicator that the spirits are not broken. A positive in an otherwise terrible panorama.

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