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14 Responses to “About”

  1. franco Says:

    Prompt recovery from a fellow rider and Venezuelan (ft Collins, Colorado)
    Best wishes!

  2. Asha Nair Says:

    Aqui se dice que en la Lista Falciani se encuentran los chavistas al tercero lugar, 20 miliardos…

  3. Gustavo Says:

    Great blog. It would be nice to have a story on the arbitrage going on with 100 bolivar bills in the Colombian border. Crazy stuff!

  4. outsider Says:

    hi, thanks for all your work with this blog.
    how could i get in touch with you via email?

  5. Patrick Says:


    what is the actual black market exchange rate (BS VS US$) ? in Caracas and Porlamar. I heard 15 for 1, and some peoples said it will go up to 25 for 1, is it correct?

  6. RVB Says:

    Pls let me know how I can contact you by phone/email.

  7. moctavio Says:

    Thanks Sam, but the link does not work, there are either extra characters, or missing ones. Can you repeat?

  8. jscore Says:

    Hey there,

    Great blog. Couldn’t find your email on here, but I was going to ask you if you can explain in layman’s terms why does Venezuela have a fixed 1:2.15 exchange rate and thus a parallel black market rate?


    • moctavio Says:

      In 2003 Chavez imposed controls to protect reserves. In time, he refuses to let it go because of its inflationary consequences, but the parallel rate goes higher and he controls who he gives Bs. 2.15 to. It has now become a trap, he likes the political control, refuses to devalue, the swap rate goes higher and he gives less and less at the official rate.

  9. Colin Says:

    Yo! Great blog.

    I’m trying to drop you a line. You don’t have your email address anywhere?


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