Something Has To Give

April 1, 2017

(I wrote this post a week ago, but had no Internet)


It’s really a tragedy. The price of oil shot up and Chavez took advantage of it. He also produced more and took advantage of it again, producing heavy crudes. And sent lots to China in exchange for cash. He got more of the oil. And he bartered it, sold it and played with it and the oil companies. He toyed with the exchange rate, making it unsustainably low. He allowed the government to sell US dollars cheap. The government used one rate. Everyone else had to use a different one.

But then he died. And the oil price went down.

Nobody would lend Venezuela money. And everyone seemed against it.

And then Fidel died.

And then Trump won.

Everything changed…

For how long..?

That is the question. Maduro does not have it easy.

His front man got caught. Chavez got away with many, many front men. And he played with the debt, which Maduro can’t.

When will things change?

I don’t know, but they will.

Not enough oil. Not enough money. Just wait. It is a matter of time.

Nobody is Chavista just because. There is money to be made, but it is getting harder. You need know-how, which they don’t have. They had it easy for a while.

So, they start again. Except it is harder this time.

Something has to give.

19 Responses to “Something Has To Give”

  1. please!that is great! wow!

  2. Francisco Says:

    The DEVIL is back! I am not from Venezuela, but since I was a child I have been in an endless battle trying to convince people from Latin America about the evils of liders like Chavez. Your blog has been an inspiration for me to continue my fight. I wish you a full recovery and I am looking forward to read your posts, always well informed, always to the point, always in defense of freedom. Godspeed!

  3. IslandCanuck Says:

    I also think we are on the cusp of a big change. It won’t happen fast but after the debacle with the TSJ this week and the idiotic handling of the Bs.100 and the new currency their stupidity is on public and international display.

    There will be no elections while they are in power.

  4. Teresa Says:

    Así es Miguel, “something has to give”. Esperemos sea pronto ya que el país no puede mas

  5. Avila Says:

    Welcome back Miguel. We missed you.

    Things have been giving for years. That is the problem. People have long had the hope that one of those things that would give would magically result in a good government. Politically, nothing will change. Maduro and the cronies will not leave. The military and police are bought off. The people are hungry. Years of marching in the street trying to shame the government into doing the right thing did not do it. So what will?

  6. Jia Says:

    I am incredibly happy to see you writing again. We do not know each other at all, but your blog has been a part of my weekly routine for many years. There is so much information and analysis, I value it immensely.

    I am very happy that you are alive, recovering, that you have received care and love from your close ones and those at the rehabilitation center. I wish you all the best, and look forward to your future writing.

  7. Sonia Rajani Says:

    Dear Miguel,

    Very happy to know you are recovering well and can read your posts again!

    Sonia y Balvant Rajani

  8. Helen Driessenh Says:


    Sent from my iPad


  9. Bruce Davidson Says:

    We all missed you very much during your recovery and so happy to have you back with us! You are an important voice for Venezuela. We are wishing for her recovery as well.
    God Bless

  10. Bernard Hood Says:

    Now the Russians are trying to pick up some of the country’s oil reserves in exchange for another short-term loan. The Chinese already have first claim on the barrels for export. In their desperation Chavistas are giving away chunks of the country to the new, and real, “imperialists”. (The Americans were never “imperialists” – the left used the word “imperialist” because they were too lazy to think of more accurate means of verbal denigration, both justified and unjustified). Tragically ironic.

  11. Ira Says:

    It’s over. Forget it. Abandon all hope:

    Something DOESN’T have to give.

    If decades of Castros’ Cuba hasn’t proven this to you, nothing will.

    Venezuela isn’t suffering from an economic crisis. It’s a values crisis, and all ethics, morals and competency values have ceased to exist.

    • Dean A Nash Says:

      Sadly, I have to agree with Ira. I had a front row seat of over 40 years of Cubans in Miami waiting for Castro and Cuba’s communism to die. Castro finally did, but far too late, and Cuba’s communism, like a cockroach, survives.

      Ira’s last paragraph bears repeating: “Venezuela isn’t suffering from an economic crisis. It’s a values crisis, and all ethics, morals and competency values have ceased to exist.”

      There is much more to steal, probably enough to keep those in power, in power for decades. Of course, there will be bloodshed. The only question now is, whose?

  12. Giuseppe Says:

    Since I found out about your accident I kind of knew that you’ll get back on track, and step by step you have being doing it, wish you the best to you and your orquides.
    Thanks for your advices and for taking time to write to people.

  13. Franco Says:

    Just came back from a trip to YV over spring break visiting family and had the opportunity to witness the sad state of affairs there: people scavenging for food among the garbage left on the streets. You would think this situation is unsustainable, but the frequency and constancy of the challenges and stresses people have to deal on a daily basis makes it seem “normal” and people are just numb to them (just like Trump’s lunacies here in the US are becoming “normal”…it’s not normal).
    PS…good to read again your blog and best wishes for a full recovery

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