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Orchid Indigestion in Singapore

November 20, 2011

It was a veritable case of orchid indigestion for the Devil in Singapore at the World Orchid Show/Conference as you can see above in a sample of the many pictures I took. The lights were not great, but the flowers were, took hundreds of pictures, here are two that show a small sample of what we could see.

South Africa in 2014! Here we go!

As to my bucket list, it is not too long. Galapagos, eat ten stars in San Sebastian, jump in a parachute, Cuzco, Seychelles, New Guinea and South Africa…

There is Lhasa and Burma, but I need regime changes…

Sunday Night, take a break, see some orchids

October 24, 2010

It’s Sunday night, take a break and go visit my orchid blog, I bet you haven’t been there in a while, just put lots of pictures of yellow orchids, including this Epidendrum Renee Marquis that looks almost like it is plastic. Enjoy

Last week was indeed a great week

April 1, 2009

(Note : While I have some orchids in this blog, I have a blog exclusively devoted to orchids:

where I place pictures of my orchids weekly)

I did have a great week last week, not only because my blogging seemed to catch some attention (too much for my own taste), but because on the weekend I took some of my orchid plants to the Exhibit of Natural Science Society at the Transport Museum, where my plants won three first prizes and two third prizes.

Prizes are given for each type of orchid and then a prize is given for the best group orchid. One of my plants won best type, best in group, but more importantly it won the prize for the best cultivated plant of the exhibit (I do have a hand in that!). Here is the picture, it is not the best (taken with phone), but you can see it up close in this link (bottom pictures):


January 15, 2009




Lots of species, one borrowed

January 11, 2009


Sophronitis Coccinea Aurea on the left, this plant flowered three times in 2008. On the right, Pablo Figueredo sent this Shomburgkia Undulata Marisabel de Las Casas.


Had troubles getting this Comparettia Falcata all in focus.


On the left a close up of Dendrochilum Glumaceum. On the right Cattleya Lueddemanniana Maruja x Pto. Cruz


This is the first flowering of this Cattleya Jenmanii Gerd x Claudia. Coerulea Jenmanii tend to have a horrible shape, but this one is not so bad.


Two Cattleya Walkeriana. The Corulea on the right is called Manhattan Blue, it is not great, but the plant grows a lot, this was part of six flowers the plant had this time around.

Nice Flowers!

December 15, 2008



My Oncidium Onustum, now known as Zelenkoa Onusta bloomed spectacularly this year as you can see.


On the left a Dendrobium hybrid, no idea what the name is. On the right a dirt orchid from Venezuela Sobralia Leocxantha. (I think)


On the left a close up of a Sobralia flower, looks like a Cattleya, except that it lasts 24 hours.


A very nice Cattleya Walkeriana tipo from Brazil, this is the one with the largest contrast I have between the lip and the sepals. On the right a Picta.

Lots of flowers!!!

November 9, 2008

A first flowering of a nice Cattleya Walkeriana, a Brazilian species

Lots of flowers from my awarded Cattleya Jenmanii Gran Sabana x Rubra which I bought from Xavier Caballero


Close ups of the flowers above


I may not have hybrids, but once in a while I succumb, like this Epicattleya May Day (??)


Unidentified Bulbophyllum and a close up


Nice Cattleya Alba, no clue what it is

On the left my second plant of Coccinea Aurea has flowered for the first time, proving is no fluke that they grow well here in Caracas (Not as nice as the other one). On the right a Cattleya Gaskelliana.

Some special Species

October 20, 2008


This is my very special Cattleya Violacea, not only is it free flowering, but this time it sent up two shoots with ten flowers (six and four) as shown on the left. This despite the fact that we crossed it in April with Cattleya Violacea “Muse” and I removed the fruit two weeks ago. On the right a close up of the six flowers.

Above left you can see what good sahep and color thisf Violacea has. On the right a Cattleya Phalenopiss Ever Spring Light

On the left is the first flowering a Cattleya Jenmanii Kathy x Color which I bougth from Xavier Caballero. On the right is the “small” flower which is large.

Above is the second flower of the Cattleya Jenmanii above, I have placed a brand new pencil behind it so people can see how large it is. On the right is Blc. Morning Glory x Lc. Bonansa

Two pictures of the same unidentified Dendrobium. I love these.

Eduardo sends some great pictures of species

October 19, 2008

Eduardo M. sends some very nice pictures of Venezuelan and Brazilian species.

Spectacular specimen plant of Cattleya Percivaliana on the left and a very large, overlapped Cattleya Percivaliana on the right.


Nice Cattleya Jenmanii on the left. Cattleya Walkeriana from Brazil on the right.


Another Cattleya Percivaliana on the left with a very nice lip and Oncidium Onustum on the right.

Flowering suddenly picks up

October 5, 2008

Flowering really picked up after the Miranda exhibit, here are some samples:


Left: A nice Cattleya Aclandiae from Brazil. Right: Oncidium Millaki x Oncidium Ornitrryncum


Left: My very nice Cattleya Warnerii concolor from Brazil. Right: A nice Cattleya Lueddemanianna


Left: Chocleata Amazonica from Central Americana. Right: Cattleya Intermedia from Brazil


Left” First floweing of a very nice Cattleya Walkeriana. Right: Cattleya Lueddemanianna