Orchid Indigestion in Singapore

November 20, 2011

It was a veritable case of orchid indigestion for the Devil in Singapore at the World Orchid Show/Conference as you can see above in a sample of the many pictures I took. The lights were not great, but the flowers were, took hundreds of pictures, here are two that show a small sample of what we could see.

South Africa in 2014! Here we go!

As to my bucket list, it is not too long. Galapagos, eat ten stars in San Sebastian, jump in a parachute, Cuzco, Seychelles, New Guinea and South Africa…

There is Lhasa and Burma, but I need regime changes…

7 Responses to “Orchid Indigestion in Singapore”

  1. re bucket list you may visit Myanmar (since yr nearby) via Thailand. Checkout the sites Ranong-Myanmar visa runs. Very interesting way to visit. Green with envy that u are enjoying indigestion. wonder if u met Robin Taylor, who was also into orchids, from the Porcelana Inglesa moons ago. You may also take advantage to visit the long neck or ¨giraffe¨ tribe in northern Thailand. There is a woman, an elderly lady, who speaks perfect spanish! She will tell u the whole story of their tribe.

  2. Roy Says:


    I am not an orchidiaphile (if there is such a word), but they sure are pretty.

    On your “bucket list”, I have done about half of those, including the skydive. I visited Burma in 1986, which was only about a year after they began granting 1-week tourist visas for the first time since the end of WWII. It was absolutely fascinating. I visited one small village where they were having some sort of festival that had drawn many of the local hill tribes peoples. For many of them, I was the first white man they had ever seen in their lives. It is very strange to be an object of wonder and amazement with a hint of revulsion. Small children were staring at me from behind their mothers’ skirts. Some of the older boys came close enough to touch the hair on my arms and then giggle, saying “like a monkey”. This was translated by my driver, of course.

  3. Andres F Says:

    Nice orchids! and nice bucket list!

  4. deananash Says:

    You need regime change at home…I sure hope God is listening and calls Chavez home soon.

  5. Mike Says:

    Did you exhibit, Miguel?

    I am sure you have some remarkable and rare species that nobody had there. Asking because on the 2nd picture some species, in the front, seem to have some price “decorations” (for lack of the proper description or word).

    Re your bucket list, I’ve done a couple, but the most interesting to me is EATING (and drinking wine) in San Seabastian for a week or 10 days, maybe driving around to some smaller pueblos and a different tasca every 2nd night. OMG. Salivating. And forgetting Chavez, which would be the best part.

    • moctavio Says:

      I did not, because of the move my collection is now small and recovering, but expanding, I did buy plants there though.

  6. Carlos Says:

    I appreciate your orchidelireum so much.
    Do you have more pics up? I’d love to see them?

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