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As Venezuelan Congress Investigates Contract, Williams F1 Appears Concerned

November 19, 2011

As reported by Alek Boyd, Venezuelan Congressman Carlos Ramos has opened an investigation over the contract between PDVSA and Williams F1, a huge contract awarded by PDVSA to Williams F1 by order of Hugo Chavez without approval by Congress, as required by law. The contract is much larger than all of the money devoted to soccer or any other national team.

The letter from the Congressman was received on November 18th. at Williams F1 and what is interesting is that Williams F1 appears to be concerned about it if their visits to at least two Venezuelan blogs are any indication. At least two Venezuelan blogs, Alek’s and yours truly, have received persistent visits from the company in the last two days, even if the Devil had yet to cover the subject. Williams F1 may be facing a PR disaster by its eagerness to receive the PDVSA/Venezuelan money and they seem to be truly concerned about it.

About time…