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General Martinez not freed yet….

December 31, 2002

Despite the order by the Judge, General Martinez has not been freed in this great travesty of “democracy” that Hugo Chavez presides……

General freed as expected, Court rules his rights were violated.

December 31, 2002

General Carlos Alfonzo Martinez was ordered freed today when an injunction by his lawyers was favorably received by a First Circuit Court Judge. The judge ruled that the General’s has his Constitutional rights violated, he was not given the right to due process and was detained illegitimately (nice people!). I had hedged my bets saying he would be freed by Thursday, but my prediction was correct. The other one also will be correct, but I will never be able to prove it. This is an obvious resolution to the problem but reaffirms the irresponsability of the Chavez Government.

Happy New Year to all, here, there, pro, against….

December 31, 2002

The top part is fake, but not the people below at the anti-Chavez protest a couple of weeks ago in Caracas

Recommended article in today’s El Nacional

December 31, 2002

Very interesting article in today’s El Nacional page A-5 by Antonio Sanchez Garcia, originally from Chile and an Allende supporter who emigrated after the coup and lives in Venezuela. The article is too long to transalte but I recommend it to those that read Spanish. Two paragarphs are worth mentioning:

“This is the terrible quid pro quo of both revolutions: the venezuelan one would deserve for this opposition a President like Salvador Allende. Chile’s opposition, with Pinochet at the forefront,a President like Hugo Chavez Frias. A gangster against a gangster. The noble against the noble.”

“I would like that Ricardo Lagos, who would have never become President of Chile without that agreement favored and promoted by our democracy and our parties…could see Venezuela without wrath, without oportunism, without Realpolitik, without the OAS, without selfishness. He should be the perfect man called by that strange destiny that has always joined Chile and Venezuela since the time of Andres Bello, to make the most enormous effort to achieve understanding between the Democratic Coordinator and the single man that confronts it, not a Government alliance or people with an illusion: Hugo Chavez Frias.” 

Long live the robolucion!

December 31, 2002

On Dec. 20th. The Government held a demonstration that had poor attendance as reported <A href=’‘>here. This despite the use of buses from the State of Cojedes (Top Left) whose Governor is a big Chavez supporter, or the purchase of nothing but Dewar’s Scotch Whisky with trucks from the Alcaldia de Caracas. Pictures taken by Juan Carlos Llorente, whom I don’t know.

Government, once again, a no show

December 31, 2002

Chavez’ negotiating team failed, once again, to show up at the negotiating table. Is this what tehy call bad faith negotiations?


(New pictures in picture section)

Attorney General tries to explain his unexplainable negligence

December 30, 2002

One of the most dishonorable members of Chavez’ inner circle, the Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez attempted to justify the detention of general Martinez today and failed miserably. Said Mr. Rodriguez: “The Intelligence police will place the General under house arrest, and within 12 hours place him under the custody of the Attorney General’s office who will have 36 hours to present to the Supreme Court the details of the aprehension”. Huh? How does this compare to arresting him using twenty vehicles, beating him in the process ,taking him to the intelligence police, denying he is there and later taking him to a military facility?

In fact, what the law says is that it can only place him under house arrest (has not been done yet!), and turned over within 12 hours to the Attorney General’s office. So what the hell is Isaias Rodriguez talking about? The law has been violated, he is in charge of preserving the law, but in the same manner of the last two and a half years, when he changed Chavez’ Vice-Presidency for the Attorney Genral’s office, Mr. Rodriguez has simply not condenmed those that have violated the rights, the law and the dignity of the highest ranking member of the Venezuelan Armed Forces. He should place the members of the intelligence police under arrest for violating the law. That’s what his job is, as simple as that!

Prediction: General Martinez will be freed before Thursday and none of his illegal captors will be prosecuted.

Things are indeed excessively normal

December 30, 2002

Normal to play domino while you wait for gas      To go in a bike and the sign says “No gas”

Hey! I love the normalcy of riding my horse in the highway           Me too! But I don’t feel normal passing cars

We don’t feel normal, we hate the strike!          We normally don’t visit gas stations, but we are not normal.

A Digression at last!! New New Delhi Subway such a sucess: Stay Away!

December 30, 2002

For quite a while I have been posting only about Venezuela, thus I am happy do digress and  note that in New Delhi the <A href=’A picture named Caballos,-Sin-Gasolina-075.jpg‘>new subway is such a success that they are asking people to stay away from it! (via Blogdett):

National Guard General detained, lawyers gassed…..

December 30, 2002

This man seen on the ground Dec. 3d. in Chuao when he was gassed by his own mates (see picture that day before he was gassed), General Carlos Martinez of the National Guard, was detained today by the Intelligence police. His lawyers and reporters were outside the intelligence police headquarters when the intelligence police began throwing tear gas at them. The head of the intelligence police had threatened the lawyers which Chavez’ “Bolivarian Circles” who have now shown up to throw stones at the laywers, reporters and by now, protesters. Gral. Martinez has been denied the right to have a lawyer or prosecutor present in violation of the law, his civil and human rights. A small battle between the opposition and the circles has now developed. No police anywhere in sight. There is at least one person injured so far and three four vehicles damaged by Chavez’ supporters, including a wagon from one of the TV stations. (Globovision is showing a video in which someone from the inside of the intelligence police waves at the Bolivarian circles to come down)

According to the new Chavez-promoted  Constitution (Art. 266, #3) and ratified by decisions by the current Supreme Court, a high ranking officer of the Venezuelan military can not be tried, investigated or jailed by a military Court, unless the Venezuelan Supreme Court establishes in a pre-trial that there is evidence against him. No such a pre-trial has taken place against General Martinez, thus, he can not be detained, least of all without the presence of a prosecutor and his lawyer.

The Tyromaniac says this is not a detention but a kidnapping, he is right!