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Progress in negotiations?

December 19, 2002

There are indications that the negotiating table under the supervision of the Organization of American States is already working on the wording for an agreement that includes some form of electoral compromise. Media representatives that just came out of a meeting, say they were called to be asked if they would support an agreement of the negotiating table. They even mentioned that the agreement has article numbers and details.

Legal Confusion and threats

December 19, 2002

Today there were two events that are, in my mind, very confusing:

-The Minister of Interior and Justice said that the intervention of the Metropolitan Police does not stop. He said that all that changed was that the naming of its Director is not legal and the previous Head of the Police will resume functions. I am not a lawyer, but this is not even close to what I understood.

-The Supreme Court accepted a request for an injunction asking oil workers to go back to work. By accepting the request, the Court orders oil workers to go back to work until it decides. The decision says that anyone that does not accept the decision is liable to be jailed for as long as eighteen months. I wonder where they will jail the 36,000 oil workers which are not going back to work……

A lawyer is just saying on TV that the decision by the Court only refers to the decrees issued this week by the Governemnt to try to jump start the oil Industry. Thus, he says, it is those that do not collaborate on implementing those decrees that are obligated, not all oil workers. Will keep updating as information comes along. Here are some opinions on this.

I completely identify with this cartoon by Weil.

December 19, 2002

                                                   Era before marches                Era of marches   (T-shirt says: “He is leaving”)