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Protests continue, Baduell apologizes for violence of National Guard

December 3, 2002

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Took these two pictures tonight of the demonstrations. The one on the left is a makeshift stand where speeches were given at the “Meritocracy Square” where all the problems with the repression began this afternoon. The one on the right is the Autopista del Este where protesters continue their actions at this time. The National Guard has dissapeared from the scene and protests continue around the country.

It is still unclear what happened today. What appears to have happened is that the more “Taliban-like” members of the Chavez administration decided to repress the protest, but they were opposed by other military. This appears to be confirmed by the fact that Gen. Baduell, who was responsible for the return of Chavez in April, apologized publicly for the violent acts of the National Guard. He justified the airplanes flying over Maracay by saying that they were “practicing” for an air show on Dec. 10th. I find that hard to believe, I think he was making a show of his strength and power.

Dec. 2nd. protest in London

December 3, 2002

Courtesy of vcrisis and Alek, here is the protest carried out in London yesterday against the Chavez Government


Electoral Commission approves referendum four to one

December 3, 2002

The Comision Nacional Electoral (CNE) which makes all electoral decisions voted today by four to one to hold a referendum on Feb. 2nd. to ask the people if they want President Hugo Chavez to voluntarily resign. Earlier the vote had been three to one, which the Supreme Court in a very convoluted argument had said was not legal as four of the five possible votes were needed.

Blow by blow account of repression against demonstrators and reporters

December 3, 2002

(Read this post from top to bottom)

2:51 PM The National Guard is now gassing the reporters who were complaining to the officers of the Guard, one reporter is now injured. Way to go Hugo!

2:54 PM Reporters are now putting on bulletproof vests. Shit! Pictures of facism by the National Guard all over the place. Hope the world can finally see Hugo Chavez for what he is. Look at the crying lady below to the right. Shame!Shame! Shame!


3:48 PM Dissident Generals of Plaza Altamira are now trying to talk to the

National Guard that are actually gassing them right now.


5:14 PM People have begun protesting in the East of Caracas in many places, National Guard using gas in most of them. Government says it is all the opposition/coupsters/terrorists that attacked the National Guard (How come they are not injured?). Main highway through Caracas is blocked by protesters, PDVSA building is just empty, nobody there. Nationbal Guard General approached by dissident General said that the gathering had no permit, while the permit has been shown on TV. Moreover, as reported here this morning, the Court said the military had to withdraw from Miranda State. Meanwhile General Garcia Carneiro said that the highest civilian authority in Caracas is Hugo Chavez in clear challenge to the Court’s decision. Opposition is calling on Cesar Gaviria to invoke the Democratic letter of the OAS. People in Maracaibo also protesting. Reporters injured by the National Guard.


5:28 PM Weird action right now, apparently the Court has reiterated that the military have to leave Miranda State as decided yesterday and General Garcia Carneiro has been informed of this. Thus, the National Guardsmen are leaving followed by cheering people, Kafka and Macondo are alive and well in Caracas, Venezuela.


5:34 PM Now the National Guard as it was leaving, started shooting tear gas towards the cheering demonstartors. Go figure!

5:44 PM Things are confusing, supposedly the last tear gas was to clear the way (nice people!!!) as they departed. Meanwhile, Air Force planes are flying in Maracay, south of Caracas as people cheer in the same place they were gassed……..Stay tuned.


6:09 PM Festive atmosphere where less than an hour ago there was tear gas and repression. The final scenes on TV when the military left, showed military sharpshooters on the roof of the CCCT shopping center (????). No word from the Coordinating committee of the opposition, the area of the early protest is now being flooded with people from all sides (Including myself, I will now join them!!)


6:15 PM Now I am lost, the National Guard is now shooting tear gas at the demosntrators who were happily celebrating. Now the Guard is shooting from the inside of the military airport in Caracas, right next to where everything took place all afternoon. TV says that some demonstrators tried to go in the base. In the picture below to the right is the military base, you can see the tear gas in the middle and the people below and above running.


Have to ask: Is a coup on? Nothing makes sense.


6:33 PM General strike to continue tomorrow.

Government represses peaceful gathering with tear gas

December 3, 2002

The National Guard just dispersed a peaceful gathering of PDVSA oil workers who were gathering to support one of the Mangers of the comnpany whose house was assaulted last night. There were kids, women and people listening to speeches when the attack took place. The strike will now continue and the stupid action by the Government might simply be the catalyst that was needed. Where is Jimmy Carter, Cesar Gaviria, Human Rights Watch? Fools!!!

Court grants injunction against militarization of Caracas

December 3, 2002

The First Circuit Court granted the Governor of Miranda State Enrique Mendoza the injunction he requested against the militarizaton of Caracas on the grounds that the Governor,as it highest cicvilian authority, had not approved the militarization. The decision implies that all military pesonnel has to abanndon the streets of Miranda state immediately after General Garcia Carneiro, who ordered the measure is notified or the decision published. This may be a first step in restoring civilian authority to most of Caracas.