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Metropolitan Police returned to Mayor during demonstration

December 16, 2002

Pictures: Top-left: I was ready, Top-right: For anything

Bottom left: So were they, Next: We moved in, Next: Moved in even closer, Even more, Next: Until we were everywhere

Today the Democratic Coordinator planned a demonstration in front of the motorized unit of the Metropolitan Police, taken over by the military three weeks ago. A Court ruled on Friday that it should be given back to the Mayor of the city. Well, as you can see in the picture, we showed up, the military was there and then they started stepping back, and back until at the end, we took over the whole area, the military pulled back and the Mayor took over the unit. Nobody sure what happened or why it happened, but this is another defeat for the Government, another victory for the opposition. Is the end near?

Civil Disobedience takes a new form

December 16, 2002

Today, anti-Chavez protesters initiated a new form of civil disobedience setting up barricades at 6 AM in all major highways, avenues and neigborhoods of Caracas. The action had no permits and in at least three locations the police used tear gas. Curiously, Chavez’ supporters have been blocking a major avenue since the strike began, but the police has done nothing about it. Unfortunately as the protests were ending, there was some violence. This afternoon there will be a major demonstration at the Motorized Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police which was taken over by a Government decree a month ago and militarized. A Court ruled on Friday that the militarty had to return all facilities and equipment to the anti-Chavez Major of Caracas, but it has not been done and Chavez said yesterday that the military should not obey orders from Courts that go against his decrees.

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December 16, 2002