Civil Disobedience takes a new form

December 16, 2002

Today, anti-Chavez protesters initiated a new form of civil disobedience setting up barricades at 6 AM in all major highways, avenues and neigborhoods of Caracas. The action had no permits and in at least three locations the police used tear gas. Curiously, Chavez’ supporters have been blocking a major avenue since the strike began, but the police has done nothing about it. Unfortunately as the protests were ending, there was some violence. This afternoon there will be a major demonstration at the Motorized Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police which was taken over by a Government decree a month ago and militarized. A Court ruled on Friday that the militarty had to return all facilities and equipment to the anti-Chavez Major of Caracas, but it has not been done and Chavez said yesterday that the military should not obey orders from Courts that go against his decrees.

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