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Killer shown in video two nights ago with Chavista Mayor

December 6, 2002

Two nights ago, an amateur caught the Mayor of the Libertador district, a Chavez supporter, arriving at 2:17 AM at the PDVSA headquarters, when guns were being moved around. The Mayor denied he had been there, only to change his story when he was shown the the video. Well, Globovision, the TV station, is now showing the frame from the video, together with the picture of the assasin who confessed shooting at the people tonight. Do you believe in coincidences?

This was shown just when the Minister of Interior and Justice was saying that the confession showed the Government had nothing to do with the events tonight. The assasin who confessed had a gun and had fired ten bullets, there are twenty eight people injured and three dead, but the Minister considers the case solved.

For completness, Chavez’ supporters were moved into the area adjacent to the PDVSA headquarters during the night two nights ago, after the opposition announced a march on Thursday which would end right at that building. The opposition march was eventually cancelled, as Mayors received intelligence that there were people in the area who might shoot at the protesters. Coincidence once again?

Full PDVSA Board resigns

December 6, 2002

Except for the person that was named today to the Board of PDVSA, the full Board of the country’s oil company resigned today. This includes the external Directors who are Chavez supporters as well as Jorge Kampkof a highly regraded executive who was also considered to be pro-Chavez. No reason has yet been given as to the reason and or/if it is related to the events in Plaza Altamira.

This is the reality of death and repression

December 6, 2002

This is the reality of what is happening in Venezuela, once again, the flag hides the horror, sadness and the shame of death, Two days ago I posted the pictures of the repression by the  National Guard saying this is the reality of what we are living with in Venezuela and it may yet get worse. Well, it just did and with this facist Government we dont know where it may end.

Sharpshooter attack on Plaza Altamira

December 6, 2002

Sharpshooters began shooting minutes ago on Plaza Altamira where dissident military have been staying for one month. Roughly 15 people are injured and I see on TV what appears to be a dead person. The plaza is being evacuated as the police tries to capture the sharpshooters which appear to be located in two different buldings.

The Plaza was full of people as crowds continue to protest in both Chuao (Plaza de la Meritocracia) and Plaza Altamira. The TV is saying there are two people dead and El Universal is saying that two of the four shooters were captured.

To give people an idea of the type of inmoral and indecent Government that we have, 40 minutes after the attack on Plaza Altamira the Government’s TV station has yet to report it. At this point we are simply waiting for the Government to say the opposition planned it all.

Reportedly they were not sharpshooters, they were on the ground.

The Vice-President says it is “premature” to accuse the Government for the deaths and that a “serious” investigation has to be made. I wonder if what he has in mind is an investigation as serious as the one carrried out after the April massacre, the country is still waiting for the Chavez supporters in the National Asembly to vote in favor of creating a “truth” commission on what happened then.

Sadly, the latest report is three deaths and twenty eight injured. I have been warning in these pages since I began about the real Hugo Chavez. Gaviria, Carter and HRW have played into his hands. Only yesterday, the opposition had to cancel a march on fears that there would be a massacre.

Divergences within the Government

December 6, 2002

There appears to be important divergences within the Chavez administration. Last night, Chavez’ negotiationg tema met with OAS Secreatary and made an announcemnet that they were going back to the negotiating table. Half an hour ago, one of them was on nationwide TV calling the strike “virtual” and saying that they were on their way to talk to Gaviria. A few minutes ago, a representative of the opposition came on TV and said that the Government was playing a media game as the talks were scheduled for this morning and the Government’s negotiators have yet to show up. Apparently, there are significant differences within the Governemnt as to whqat may or may not be agreed on the negotiationg table, so significant that the team has not even been allowed to go to the Hotel where the negotiations are taking place.

Fifth day of the strike: The beat goes on

December 6, 2002

The General strike continued for its fifth day with mixed views. While banks, which had at least tried to open all week dor their regular schedule, opened only until noon, some stores did open and one could see more movement in the streets. Shopping Centers were closed, while bakeries and supermarkets opened in a limited schedule. The hero, once again, was PDVSA where activities are winding down very slowly. The three largest refineries are shutdown, including the largest refining complex in the world. There are problems with gasoline supply and the military claims they will take that service over. By now, eleven tankers have now shutdown. In a clear sign that the Government refuses to back down, it named to the Board one of those that were part of it during the April crisis. This has not sat well with oil workers to fuel the crisis.

On the political front, the oposition wants to set a date for a General election, while rumor has it that the US Government has given the negotiation table 72 hours or it will ask the OAS to invoke the Interamerican Democratic Charter of that organization.

Below is the picture/cartoon taken from Caracas’ Tal Cual newspaper with the Headline Shut up!, as Simon Bolivar puts his hand over Chavez’ mouth and a quote from Simon Bolivar: “It is a miserable mania to want to rule above everything else”