Fifth day of the strike: The beat goes on

December 6, 2002

The General strike continued for its fifth day with mixed views. While banks, which had at least tried to open all week dor their regular schedule, opened only until noon, some stores did open and one could see more movement in the streets. Shopping Centers were closed, while bakeries and supermarkets opened in a limited schedule. The hero, once again, was PDVSA where activities are winding down very slowly. The three largest refineries are shutdown, including the largest refining complex in the world. There are problems with gasoline supply and the military claims they will take that service over. By now, eleven tankers have now shutdown. In a clear sign that the Government refuses to back down, it named to the Board one of those that were part of it during the April crisis. This has not sat well with oil workers to fuel the crisis.

On the political front, the oposition wants to set a date for a General election, while rumor has it that the US Government has given the negotiation table 72 hours or it will ask the OAS to invoke the Interamerican Democratic Charter of that organization.

Below is the picture/cartoon taken from Caracas’ Tal Cual newspaper with the Headline Shut up!, as Simon Bolivar puts his hand over Chavez’ mouth and a quote from Simon Bolivar: “It is a miserable mania to want to rule above everything else”

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