Attorney General tries to explain his unexplainable negligence

December 30, 2002

One of the most dishonorable members of Chavez’ inner circle, the Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez attempted to justify the detention of general Martinez today and failed miserably. Said Mr. Rodriguez: “The Intelligence police will place the General under house arrest, and within 12 hours place him under the custody of the Attorney General’s office who will have 36 hours to present to the Supreme Court the details of the aprehension”. Huh? How does this compare to arresting him using twenty vehicles, beating him in the process ,taking him to the intelligence police, denying he is there and later taking him to a military facility?

In fact, what the law says is that it can only place him under house arrest (has not been done yet!), and turned over within 12 hours to the Attorney General’s office. So what the hell is Isaias Rodriguez talking about? The law has been violated, he is in charge of preserving the law, but in the same manner of the last two and a half years, when he changed Chavez’ Vice-Presidency for the Attorney Genral’s office, Mr. Rodriguez has simply not condenmed those that have violated the rights, the law and the dignity of the highest ranking member of the Venezuelan Armed Forces. He should place the members of the intelligence police under arrest for violating the law. That’s what his job is, as simple as that!

Prediction: General Martinez will be freed before Thursday and none of his illegal captors will be prosecuted.

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