Recommended article in today’s El Nacional

December 31, 2002

Very interesting article in today’s El Nacional page A-5 by Antonio Sanchez Garcia, originally from Chile and an Allende supporter who emigrated after the coup and lives in Venezuela. The article is too long to transalte but I recommend it to those that read Spanish. Two paragarphs are worth mentioning:

“This is the terrible quid pro quo of both revolutions: the venezuelan one would deserve for this opposition a President like Salvador Allende. Chile’s opposition, with Pinochet at the forefront,a President like Hugo Chavez Frias. A gangster against a gangster. The noble against the noble.”

“I would like that Ricardo Lagos, who would have never become President of Chile without that agreement favored and promoted by our democracy and our parties…could see Venezuela without wrath, without oportunism, without Realpolitik, without the OAS, without selfishness. He should be the perfect man called by that strange destiny that has always joined Chile and Venezuela since the time of Andres Bello, to make the most enormous effort to achieve understanding between the Democratic Coordinator and the single man that confronts it, not a Government alliance or people with an illusion: Hugo Chavez Frias.” 


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