Lots of species, one borrowed

January 11, 2009


Sophronitis Coccinea Aurea on the left, this plant flowered three times in 2008. On the right, Pablo Figueredo sent this Shomburgkia Undulata Marisabel de Las Casas.


Had troubles getting this Comparettia Falcata all in focus.


On the left a close up of Dendrochilum Glumaceum. On the right Cattleya Lueddemanniana Maruja x Pto. Cruz


This is the first flowering of this Cattleya Jenmanii Gerd x Claudia. Coerulea Jenmanii tend to have a horrible shape, but this one is not so bad.


Two Cattleya Walkeriana. The Corulea on the right is called Manhattan Blue, it is not great, but the plant grows a lot, this was part of six flowers the plant had this time around.

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