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Amnesty International condemns decision by Venezuelan Supreme Court

January 17, 2009

The Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled last month that it would not follow the order from the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights to reinstate the Judges from administrative Court who were fired when the Chavez Government decided to eliminate that Court because the Judges were ruling in an independent fashion. The decision was even worse than that, in which it even used jurisprudence from the Military Courts of Fujimori in Peru in a similar case and called the decision an “intervention” by the Court and asked the Venezuelan Government to denounce the Interamerican Convention on Human Rights, which would simply leave all Venezuelans without the international protection the Treaty gives against Human Rights violations.

Today, Amnesty International (AM) issued a press release criticizing the decision and noting the danger that it implies. Said AM:

“By rejecting a ruling by the Inter American Court of Human Rights and calling on the government to reject the Inter American Convention of Human Rights, the Venezuelan Supreme Court is sending a dangerous message that human rights are optional, said Amnesty International today.”


“The Venezuelan Supreme Court’s decision is surprising and disappointing,” said Kerrie Howard, Americas Deputy Director at Amnesty International. “The Court should not see this sentence as a criticism but as an opportunity to consolidate protection and respect for human rights.”

Despite the Supreme Court ruling, Venezuela retains an international obligation to abide by the Inter American Convention and the rulings of the Inter American Court.”

The case is clear, an International Court on Human Rights ruled that the Venezuelan Government had violated a convention it subscribed by intervening in the judicial power and firing judges that were independent. This is a threat to the rights of all Venezuelans who are no longer protected by the decisions of local Courts, which are the subject of pressure by The Government and/ or the Human Rights Convention.

Maybe Alek should write a petition supporting Amnesty International’s position and send it to Prof. Chomsky who apparently signs such petitions without regards to their content.