Last week was indeed a great week

April 1, 2009

(Note : While I have some orchids in this blog, I have a blog exclusively devoted to orchids:

where I place pictures of my orchids weekly)

I did have a great week last week, not only because my blogging seemed to catch some attention (too much for my own taste), but because on the weekend I took some of my orchid plants to the Exhibit of Natural Science Society at the Transport Museum, where my plants won three first prizes and two third prizes.

Prizes are given for each type of orchid and then a prize is given for the best group orchid. One of my plants won best type, best in group, but more importantly it won the prize for the best cultivated plant of the exhibit (I do have a hand in that!). Here is the picture, it is not the best (taken with phone), but you can see it up close in this link (bottom pictures):


3 Responses to “Last week was indeed a great week”

  1. fetty Says:

    very beautiful orchid! very unic!

  2. Ayuramy Alcalá Says:

    Te felicito las orquídeas solo agradecen a quienes las tratan con amor y dedicación

  3. Emilia Says:

    Oye si,

    Yo fui y la foto no le hace justicia. Excelente trabajo!

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