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Hugo Chavez “pleased” with 30 year sentence

April 4, 2009

Venezuela Constitution

Direct from the thugs mouths, Hugo Chavez (El Nacional page A-4) on the sentence of the policemen (italics are mine):

“It is not that I want someone jailed (yeah, sure), but I was in jail and accepted it (But was never sentenced to 30 years in prison for the killing over 200 people, a silly old democrat pardoned me). Each person has to assume his responsibilities (Even if I never assume any?), I think there is sufficient evidence to condemn not only the captains, but for many others that are going around freely calling for rebellion¬† and a coup (like I did for many years)

Here in my soul I am pleased (My orders were thoroughly obeyed) Not because of the personal tragedy of some, because this is not a feeling of revenge (only want to create fear)but because justice wins (general laughter) to guarantee the peace and development of the country. (So I can stay in power forever)

I think that there is lots to be done to achieve justice on April 11th. (Yeah! We still have to try Hugo Chavez). There are many other guilty ones (Get ready!)”