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Weil on Chavez-Obama meeting

April 22, 2009


From left to right:

Chavez: I want to be your friend. Obama: Then you are a Pitiyanqui. Laughter. Obama: Rojo Rojito

Government shows its true colors now that Rosales has been neutralized

April 22, 2009

While getting Rosales out of the way was clearly an act of revenge, it is clear that a secondary goal of the Chavez Government was to attempt to regain the Maracaibo City Hall in the belief that once Rosales was out of the way, PSUV’s Di Martino could easily beat anyone replacing Rosales.

The outlaw nature of the Chávez Government was clearly seen when it had a judge declare illegal Rosales’ request for a leave of absence due to a formality. Rosales once again went through the process and now Chavismo wants to go through the Courts to insure that the position would be declared eligible for election.

However, someone had the clever idea that the ideal candidate for the position would be Rosales’ wife. Immediately the Chief Chavista suck-up lawyer in the National Assembly, Carlos Escarra, asked the prosecutors office to charge Rosales’ wife with complicity. This is Chavismo’s idea of justice, there is no evidence, it is not even their domain of responsibility, but immediately they accuse, charge and find anyone guilty when it is convenient. To hell with evidence, in Escarra’s words : “The prosecutor can charge her and she will see if she joins her husband in Peru or stays here to face Justice”

And if we are there, why not charge Rosales’ own party as suggested by the other honorary, adjunct Prosecutor Deputy Mario Isea who asked that anyone that advised, talked to or was near Rosales be charged with complicity and cover up. How about all of Un Nuevo Tiempo’s leaders? Wholesale persecution and injustice is cheaper and more efficient.

The funny thing is, Rosales has yet to be charged formally. Yes, he was going to be jailed, but there is no formal charge against him, so Deputy Isea was simply “pissing out of the perol“, as usual. But Chavismo does not care about such formalities, so maybe they will find them all guilty of conspiracy or racketeering or whatever.

Because the whole Justice system in Venezuela is so corrupt and manipulated by Chávez and his cohorts, that persecuted politicians are quickly added to Interpol’s capture list, as in the case of Nixon Moreno the student leader that was never allowed to leave the country after seeking asylum at the residence of the Vatican’s representative. Nixon  escaped last month, but is already in the list, but curiously, neither accused drugtrafficker Walid Makled, nor la Piedrita leader Valentin Santana appear on Interpol’s website. This despite the fact that santana was ordered jailed by Chávez himself in what was only an election ploy.

But we are promised that Rosales will be added to the list, just to prove that that going after political enemies is the true priority of this criminal Government.

Rosales meanwhile sent a message to the country, saying he declared all income in his income taxes and there is no evidence of illegal enrichment against him. But as I suggested in the previous post, it may be too late for Rosales. The only silver lining behind his departure may be the fact that with Rosales out of the picture, Pablo Perez and other new faces of the opposition may be able to become known on their own right  and come out of the shadows of the old leaders.