The great Miraflores Ball to welcome Omar al-Bashir

April 1, 2009

Caracas is abuzz with expectations for the upcoming Miraflores Ball with Sudan’s President and revolutionary hero Omar al-Bashir. al-Bashir has not confirmed his attendance yet, but other guests are being contacted and offered movies and support to attend, among others (picture take from here):


al-Bashir will dance with Campbell, kiss Penn, hug Spacey and call Glover “my bro”.

They are all invited to the book burning ceremony afterwards. Mugabe is not coming, with inflation rampant in his country, he can’t get his credit card limit increased. Saddam is dead. Pity, he would have come…

One will get a Simon Bolivar sword in absentia, the other one posthoumously.

Chavez will take cheap shots at the elegant President

A grand time will be had by all.

Clooney, Spielberg and other smart people are not coming…

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