Sunday Night, take a break, see some orchids

October 24, 2010

It’s Sunday night, take a break and go visit my orchid blog, I bet you haven’t been there in a while, just put lots of pictures of yellow orchids, including this Epidendrum Renee Marquis that looks almost like it is plastic. Enjoy

6 Responses to “Sunday Night, take a break, see some orchids”

  1. Kolya Says:

    As Marc in Calgary wrote, wow. Beautiful photos, beautiful colors and shapes. I thought about singling out a favorite or two, but was unable to, too many exquisite orchids. Thanks for posting. I added your orchid blog to my reader.

  2. odef007 Says:

    I took a look thru the site on orchids. Si, I do envy your green thumb with them. Do you really use plain Nitrogen to feed them or were you just pulling my leg?
    Thanks for this post, grounded me for a few hours. It is time to rake leaves and carve pumpkins here now. Nice to take a break from thinking.

  3. liz Says:

    Hermosisimas tus orquideas! como siempre.

    But, have you seen this piece of news?

    If true… these stupids do not learn! they think they can play people in the States as they do it here. Don’t they remember the Antonini thingy??

  4. A_Antonio Says:

    Thanks MO, … refreshing!!!.

  5. Apreciado Miguel: ademas de disfrutar enormemente tus comentarios politicos y economicos, tambien disfruto mucho -o quizas mas- tus orquideas. Veo que estas mas en hibridos ahora y que al parecer has aumentado enormemente el area de cultivo, es aun en tu penthouse? Siues usando la desmineralizacion con riego automatico?
    La verdad es que te felicito…
    Un abrazo

  6. marc in calgary Says:

    wow! Your orchid site looks very much improved, the black background makes the colors jump off the page… and you’re correct, it’s been awhile since I looked at those fantastic flowers.

    … gracias.

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