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Clear Evidence of the Violation of our Civil Rights by the Venezuelan Government

October 25, 2010

Just for the record, newly elected Deputy of the Venezuelan National Assembly for Falcon State for Chavez’ PSUV party, Jesus Montilla¬† ratified today that the Venezuelan Government violates our civil liberties. In no uncertain terms, Montilla thrteatened people who use Twitter saying:

It is incredible that people who tweet do not know how easy it is to locate them and identify them

No Mr, Montilla, it is not easy, you need to acquire the technology, assign the people and be willing to violate people’s rights.

This whole thing is not new, I have reported about this fact and this evidence a few times, here, here and here, but just want to add to the clear evidence that the Venezuelan Government under Hugo Chavez, has accumulated technology and made the effort to spy on its citizens, in violation of the Venezuelan Constitution and International Human Rights agreements signed by our country. The country does not work, but the spies of Chavismo have the technology to follow you and find you if you are a threat.

Smells like a Dictatorship, tastes like a Dictatorship, has the consistency of a Dictatorship.