Clear Evidence of the Violation of our Civil Rights by the Venezuelan Government

October 25, 2010

Just for the record, newly elected Deputy of the Venezuelan National Assembly for Falcon State for Chavez’ PSUV party, Jesus Montilla  ratified today that the Venezuelan Government violates our civil liberties. In no uncertain terms, Montilla thrteatened people who use Twitter saying:

It is incredible that people who tweet do not know how easy it is to locate them and identify them

No Mr, Montilla, it is not easy, you need to acquire the technology, assign the people and be willing to violate people’s rights.

This whole thing is not new, I have reported about this fact and this evidence a few times, here, here and here, but just want to add to the clear evidence that the Venezuelan Government under Hugo Chavez, has accumulated technology and made the effort to spy on its citizens, in violation of the Venezuelan Constitution and International Human Rights agreements signed by our country. The country does not work, but the spies of Chavismo have the technology to follow you and find you if you are a threat.

Smells like a Dictatorship, tastes like a Dictatorship, has the consistency of a Dictatorship.

23 Responses to “Clear Evidence of the Violation of our Civil Rights by the Venezuelan Government”

  1. An Interested Observer Says:

    “I guess some people believe, contrary to history, that those who claw and backstab their way to the top of a hierarchy suddenly become ethical and honorable by virtue of their lofty position.”

    Say what? Who believes that? Power corrupts – I don’t know many who don’t believe that. It doesn’t corrupt everyone, but I’m not sure I’ve ever even heard a theory that it can work in reverse.

  2. m_astera Says:

    I guess some people believe, contrary to history, that those who claw and backstab their way to the top of a hierarchy suddenly become ethical and honorable by virtue of their lofty position.

  3. Roy,

    You could be right about the expropriation of Owens-Illinois. With the acquisition of all these companies that are part of the food production and distribution chain in Venezuela, the State already controls the key variables in the categories in which Polar participates (prices, production quotas, distribution…). So the government wouldn’t need to expropriate it. However, the threat is still there!

    Follow us on:

  4. metodex Says:

    and its hard for me because i try to keep my critisism not personal.

  5. metodex Says:


    That picture of the generalissimo…it sounds better in spanish: “es detestable”

    Hes so fat,old and corrupt.I literally stare at it for 30 seconds and my face starts changing into a “i hate you so much” smurk.

  6. loroferoz Says:

    Kepler, the picture you draw is terrifying.

    I would never trust the best intelligence and police establishments in the world with such capabilities. It is way beyond identifying a suspect and hopefully obtaining a courts’ order to hack into their communications. It is way beyond gathering anonymous statistics.

    Anyhow, I guess, some systems, like SMS are no good for any kind of sensitive information, and that encryption, secure layers and and use of proxies will become necessary.

    And of course, a free market and a diversified offer, where you can hire the products of firms that CANNOT DO IN ANY MANNER THE THINGS you outlined, and that offer the possibility of using encryption.

    I’d rather pedophiles go free and terrorist attacks go off if such generalized spying the only way to prevent such things, which it is not.

  7. Gordo Says:

    Hugo has much much more to do to get a “grip” on the food supply chain, with fewer and fewer dollars. Can he do it? I think it depends on how quickly he can sink the meat hooks before the dollars run out.

  8. A_Antonio Says:

    This out of the post, but,

    He sells the participation of German Refineries, now he wants to sell Citgo, He says these Business are not profitable. Well, after 11 years, Did he can do something about this?.

    He ruins them. Venezuela is broke, he sells the furniture.

  9. Roberto N Says:

    Roy wrote: “I am just guessing here, but maybe the idea is that, since it is politically impossible to expropriate Polar, instead, he will expropriate all of the companies that form their supply chain, eventually choking the life out of Polar.”

    Nail on head, Roy. The fact that it’s US based is the cherry on top, not the sundae itself.

    I wonder if Bill Niehous is still around, if so, what would he say to the fact that some of his kidnappers are now in the government?

  10. Roy Says:

    From an article in El Universal

    “Owens Illinois de Venezuela has two plants that make bottles in the country and its main activity is the production of glass and juice containers, and bottles for energy drinks, soft drinks, beers and alcoholic beverages, several types of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The giant food manufacturer and supplier Empresas Polar is one of its main clients.”

    It looks like my comment above was on the right track. Let’s see who else is on the “little list” of companies that Chavez is going to grab.

  11. syd Says:

    Interesting, Roy, especially “..he will expropriate all of the companies that form their supply chain, eventually choking the life out of Polar.”

  12. m_astera Says:

    One defining feature of ‘paths is that they are incapable of original or creative thought. Regardless of IQ, they are only able to steal ideas or mimic the actions of others.

  13. Kepler Says:

    Sorry, with list named after a murderer I meant Maisanta, obviously.
    So imagine crossing the Maisanta data base with Cantv and detecting hubs of people who are in Maisanta and who are getting a higher number of calls from abroad or from the media or whatever. Twitter would also be the same.

    Pluralism: talk and challenge people to think about pluralism, demand a debate with the big Chavista honchos, show people in C, D and E groups the boliburgueses have no cojones because they will obviously refuse to debate or pretend to debate only if surrounded by a bunch of matones
    or Cilia Flores as referee.

    Let’s remember we need to reach more and more people growing up in a very unethical system, where huge brainwashing is taking place.
    Let’s not isolate our groups but communicate above all with those who are still not voting. We can go 48% to 60%. We have to go places. They will try to prevent us. Be prepared and be sure they will know the consequences.

  14. metodex Says:

    It also has little chunks of a little red thing i can’t describe.

  15. firepigette Says:


    Very interesting info on a field I know nothing about.Thanks.

    When people reduce life to dollars and cents and ethics are just another concern fit only for ‘old fuddy -duddies’ :), we can expect any sort of evil to occur, small or grand.Chavez and friends will stop at nothing.Even if they wanted to( and they don’t) how could they stop at this point at will? Impossible for the type of character they have.The consequences would be too dire for them.They have to be stopped unwillingly.As time expands and extends, so do the myriad of thugs from other countries who are involved as well .

    Some people don’t know this but unethical behavior is an ultimate sign of lack of intelligence.In Venezuela it is unfortunate that many people equate ” vivo” with intelligence.In reality it is only a form of cunning.

    True, sociopaths or criminals often have a kind of cleverness or cunning about them, but this is not the same as all around intelligence.When we can see the consequences of our acts,we know that sooner or latter we will pay a price for bad behavior, this being a function of superior intelligence.These dummies who do whatever for a car or an easy buck are definitely inferior on the level of understanding, and sooner or later will be paying a heavy price.

  16. Roy Says:

    Breaking news from last night: Chavez announced another expropriation of a U.S. company, Owens-Illinois (a glass manufacturer). In this one, his comments were particularly personal against the U.S. stating that he would relegate the U.S. empire to the graveyard. He hinted that that more expropriations were imminent. The excuse was that Owens-Illinois is exploiting the Venezuelan workers and damaging the environment. No details were provided, and I would bet that none ever will be provided.

    It appears from their website that Owens-Illinois de Venezuela C.A. produces glass bottles and jars. As such, they are part of the food production and distribution chain in Venezuela. I am just guessing here, but maybe the idea is that, since it is politically impossible to expropriate Polar, instead, he will expropriate all of the companies that form their supply chain, eventually choking the life out of Polar.

    Or, he could simply be targeting all U.S. connected assets, to provoke the U.S. as part of a coordinated plan with Iran to… what? Just to be annoying?

  17. Kepler Says:

    First of all: I think we all consider this blog is monitored by Chavistas.

    Indeed, it is a dictatorship. Hugo shows he is just the latest Gómez, with a red beret, selling off Venezuela to Chinese and Belorussians and many more and telling people he won’t sell it off to US Americans.

    There is one thing I am warning people now: Chavistas have a long long long experience on “provocation”, “rioting” and the like. PCV members got very specific training from KGB over the years (this is proven, I showed a document a Russian dissident took away from Russia in the nineties, just one of many). They certainly have got further training later from the Cubans and now from Belorussians (there are lots of Venezuelans at the Belarus Military Academy, among others).
    Most of what happened during the Caracazo was concocted by some of the hard-core commies, few of the others knew.

    So I expect Chavistas also to “tease” not just digitally but also in real life
    to try to provoke something.
    Actually, I got several stories about how they are doing it in the province…and as Venezuelans are hot tempered, the others fall easily into the trap, get close and Chavistas hit, the others go to jail.

    Now about the technology here:
    A reader sent me a video with an Austrian security specialist talking (in German) about how Iran and many other countries were using dragnet techniques part of telecommunication packages offered by the likes of Nokia-Siemens (now defunct alliance) and as I work with software and mining patterns I could see/imagine details of the features even if I haven’t worked in telecoms. I then asked people working in one of those companies.

    All telecommunications technology companies offer these “features” for governments: spot clusters with certain data, find probably future patterns, highlight possible key people -hubs-in a network.
    They can plug in some database containing…say…names of people in some list with the name of a murderer born in .

    The results are easy to see and understand even by a Chavista thug.

    This kind of technology is used in the West under very strict rules where judges are required and protocols need to be followed. In the States rules are said to be more relaxed than in continental Europe and there are many more people, also percentage-wise, employed in low key monitoring tasks of those tec packages. There have been a lot of concerns about that. Still, they have rules and they make a big issue on them.

    Germany has some of the most strict rules, specially because of its past.

    In countries where there is no rule of law, like Iran and Venezuela, it’s as the Bolithugs want.

    If the Iranian thugs were indeed caught unprepared at the start of the protests, they had already mounted their nets after a couple of weeks.
    Messages sent by mobiles (“we go to Martyr’s Square”) triggered the system. If the system starts to get all those signals, the security guys could get a picture of how the masses were progressing towards said square. They could also – something the West hardly does unless there is a big terrorist signal –
    keep more people just following the signals and they would also do the Iranian thing: send messages to all those people telling them “we know where you are going” or anything else.

    It is possible to identify new hot topics: it’s just a matter of screening frequencies and co-occurrences of words. You can see that in sites dedicated to monitoring hot hashtags from Twitter.

    In the case of Iran, you have not just the Nokia-Siemens technology but a lot of Basij, paramilitary who are peasants and poor and just people who did not finish their schools and who get this new possibility to “study something”, get a car. You get the picture. Most of them have little education and are used just to hit people with a bat or shoot at innocent women but there are so many of them that a meaningful amount can be trained to follow up the patterns from screens. They don’t need to do the maths. If they can play computer games, they can do it, just put them in front of the screen, train them for some days.

    Here you can see a video (in German) on the topic of Iran

    (part of evening news of 24.06.2009)

    And we go back to Venezuela and what do we have? Yes, we have SEBIN and the bloody paramilitary Chavez “Bolivarian” forces.

    Now, my friend told me the Venezuelan regime is apparently using Chinese technology for this: Huawei

    Of course, Chinese technology is to a big extent stolen technology and whether it is like Siemens or else, it is bound to have similar features.

    All these technologies can be circumvented, it depends on who you are, how careful you are, etc.

    Funny thing on the side: a Chinese friend told me there is a popular cartoon figure in China called Xiaobao (like Liu Xiaobao, Xiaobao is the first name). For some weeks now normal users could not search for Xiaobao on the net, so people ended up joking about that. Of course, it is easy to get around this. This shows how sloppy the authorities can work.

    Still, they can do quite some discoveries specially if people don’t pay attention.

    We can get around things but we need to
    be aware they are building up a net.

    Chávez thugs know no rule of law, for them the military and Chávez are the personification of the state, the people and they will do anything Chávez tells them to do as long as he pays.

  18. Roberto N Says:

    I think he means Second Life

  19. Chester Says:

    Gomezcal: By SL you mean Scientific Linux?

    He means Second Life. That’s a video game. Google it if you don’t know what it is.

    And while we’re at it, everyone around here should pay a visit to . It’s like a Proxy server, but much better and safer, though it’s a bit slow. And it’s completely free and available for all operating systems.

    From the Tor page at Wikipedia ( ):
    “Tor is a system intended to enable online anonymity, composed of client software and a network of servers which can hide information about users’ locations and other factors which might identify them. Use of this system makes it more difficult to trace internet traffic to the user, including visits to Web sites, online posts, instant messages, and other communication forms.”

  20. gomezcal Says:

    Roger: By SL you mean Scientific Linux?

  21. Roger Says:

    Don’t suppose there is much chance they will use that to catch drugas. corruptos and perhaps a few murderers? If you noticed I changed my website link when I discovered I could on this new blog. One reason I chose it is that SL is very secure. You can do banking on it. Regardless, we need to be thinking about this all the time.

  22. Johnny Says:

    No further evidence needed, if it smells, tastes and has the consistency of, then by golly it must be the evident.

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