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The tangled and full court defense of Arturo Cubillas by Isaias Rodriguez and the Chavez Government

October 30, 2010

Yesterday, the Spanish Government made the formal request for the extradition of former ETA member Arturo Cubillas. Cubillas, who was a member of ETA before sent to Venezuela by the Spanish Government, has been accused of training ETA members and FARC members in Venezuela on how use weapons and how to make bombs.

This case reveals the lack of ethics and scruples of many members of the Venezuelan Government including former General prosecutor Isaias Rodriguez and current General Prosecutor Luisa Ortega.It also reveals how they have supported terrorist groups and now try to hide it.

Rodriguez, who is currently Ambassador to Spain and was the country’s first Vice President under the new Constitution (Reason enough to eliminate the position in the future), was quick to jump the gun when the charges first appeared and made very undiplomatic statements suggesting that the two ETA members who said they had been in Venezuela to be trained by Cubillas had been tortured by Spanish authorities.

As if this was not enough, Rodriguez and Ortega, made the same statement on the case that was simply not true, showing their ignorance of the law and their remarkable desire to defend Cubillas at any cost. They both said Cubillas could not be extradited, because he was a Venezuelan citizen. This is simply not true, as the extradition of Rodrigo Granda proved. Granda, the FARC’s Foreign Minister lived in Venezuela and became a Venezuelan, but was extradited by Hugo Chavez’s Government, when Isaias Rodriguez was the General Prosecutor by the revoking of his nationality arguing there was fraud in the process.

Rodriguez later backtracked, realizing his mistake, but under common ethical rules, Rodriguez, who has submitted his credentials to become a member of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, should not give opinions, wishy washy ones at that, about a case that may come before the Court.

The Cubillas case, gets weirder by the day. For some reason, the Venezuelan Government decided on day one to go all the way out on his defense. Cubillas, a nationalized Venezuelan and is married to a very close aid to current Vice-President Elias Jaua and occupied security positions in the Ministry of Agriculture when Jaua was there.

But the Government has tangled itself in its own explanations and inconsistencies as Alex Boyd has so carefully documented. To begin with the Chavez administration said that it was a prior Government that nationalized Cubilllas, which was quickly debunked by Alek, who found a copy of Cubilla’s official nationalization during Hugo Chavez’ tenure in 2004.

To add to the comedy, Cubillas goes to Venezuela’s General Prosecutor to request that he be investigated but uses different national ID numbers in his request! To add to the puzzle, Cubillas is accompanied by a lawyer from Venezuela’s premier human rights organizations Provea, who dares say that he is 100% sure that Cubillas is innocent!

But it turns out that Cubillas had problems with the law even during Chavez’ tenure, even if it is difficult to determine when his protection began.In fact, yesterday a former Prosecutor who worked for Isaias Rodriguez, charges that in a man of Spanish origin was detained sometime between 1999 and 2001 at Caracas’ Maiquetia airport and the case was buried by passing it along to a prosecutor who Rodriguez trusted. The accuser contends that man was none other than Cubillas and the Venezuela General Prosecutor, former Venezuela Vice President and today Ambassador to Spain said to him:

That man (Cubillas), was a member of an armed group (ETA) that was fighting for many years in favor of just and irreprochable causes

The truth is these people support and have supported terrorism from day one. They lied their way to power and continue to lie and manipulate in the belief that they can fool all the people all of the time. They are cynics with no scruples. Unethical men and women who care less if Venezuela is destroyed, enjoying the trappings and luxuries of power in the name of the revolution.

But one day, the details of all these stories will come out. Some will have to face the Court in The Hague and others like Alek Boyd, will be toasted for their work in debunking and exposing them.

I toast to him today! Cheers!