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In the face of defeat, Chavez dusts off failed projects and then some.

October 13, 2010

There is no question that Hugo Chavez is a great communicator. Except that he tends to focus on the “new”, the “promise”, the empty future that has never arrived in the last eleven years. Never on accomplishments, management, real things.

Since his party lost the Parliamentary election, Chavez has undertaken a double strategy of pushing forward his revolution and promising grandiose projects or plans for the future.

The first is easy to do, take over Venoco, owned by the Bolibourgeois clan that facilitated Hugo sending suitcases full of cash to help Cristina Kirchner’s campaign. Or Fertinitro or many others, taking over is easy, you send the Army, the military and a hundred employees from Ministry X dressed with red shirts, you occupy the property and claim you have the people to run the company, facility or whatever.

Reality sinks in later, from PDVSA, to cattle ranches, to Arria’s Las Carolinas, things deteriorate, go downhill, are abandoned, become just another failure. Somehow the few things that run, sometimes, are those managed by imported Cubans.

But Hugo presses on. Despite his inability to build, manage or accomplish much, he does not seem to know what to offer. So, he has been recycling himself and his failed past:

-The first promise was a housing program. If there has been a gigantic failure of the robolution, it is housing. The Chavez administration has been unable to beat a single year of the Caldera administration, despite a factor of eight difference in oil prices. A parade of Chavez’ military buddies has walked through the Ministry of Housing and, year after a year, the goals are not only not met, but come not even close from being achieved. This week, Chavez announced another effort in housing. What is it, Plan #5 or #6? It does not matter, the number is large, The plan will supposedly get US$ 1.5 billion from PDVSA, except that PDVSA does not have the money and needs all it has for its own projects. Hard to believe it will come to anything.

-And all of a sudden Chavez revives his now forgotten Bolivarian Circles. Like so many Chavez projects, one day funding ceased and that was the end of that. But now Chavez revives them, except he wants to focus on brainwashing five year olds. Cool, if the adults don’t stick around when the money disappears, try the kids! Yeah, sure, ask any parent in Venezuela who sent his kids to Catholic schools. Best way to make an atheist out of you!

-And whenever Chavez feels his popularity dropping, he revives nuclear energy and all related buzz words, “peaceful uses”, “thermonuclear” a word he clearly does not understand, Venezuela will jump directly into fusion, imagine that! Never mind we have no Nuclear Physicists, never mind we can’t even build simple houses, never mind we can’t even provide electricity with relaibility, we are going into fusion directly. What an ignorant fool!

-And from Brazil comes reality check, Venezuela is being excluded from the Pernambuco refinery. Venezuela was going to contribute with money when oil was at $100, no money, no Venezuela. Because Venezuela had nothing to contribute technically, as its own refineries are really in trouble and a mess.

So, Hugo goes to Russia, Bielorussia, he is going to export coffee, never mind that Venezuela does not produce sufficient coffee now to satisfy ts own needs. And he is going to buy military equipment. And he will start a bank, he must think banks print money. Oh! They do, but only in here Venezuela! And he will defend the Fatherland. And talk, talk, talk…blah, blah blah…

That’s all it is…eleven years running….