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The destructive power of the revolution in Hacienda Las Carolinas

October 8, 2010

Last May, President Hugo Chavez ordered that the Hacienda Las Carolinas owned by Diego Arria be taken over, because it was “unproductive”. The farm, seen above was  a model of production and had the best Jersey cattle in Venezuela.

and ts facilities were world class, with hygiene and technology at the forefront of the farm which gave work to dozens of loyal and hard working Venezuelans:

Yes, the cattle was pampered, happy cows give lots of milk and it does get hot in the area:

Yes, the cattle had fans, why not. Las Carolinas was a model of a farm, with a store that everyone coming from Barquisimeto stopped at, to get their regional products. You could tell workers were proud and happy to be and work there. As happy and proud as Mr. Arria’s daughter in the picture below

But as with most things, this has been destroyed by the relentless destructive path of the robolution, Las Carolinas lies abandoned today, the cattle stolen, the facilities destroyed and now truly not in use, because of the order from Dictator Hugo Chavez:

Dirty and unkept, a symbol and tribute to the hate and destruction of Chavez and his XXIst. Century revolution, Las Carolinas lies abandoned, a sad shadow of its former past. The people that used to work for Mr. Arria are now unemployed, trying to make ends meet.Victims of Chavez’ vindictiveness.

Wherever Mr. Arria may be, I wish him a great day, even if his property, his pride and his work has been violated and trampled by Chavez.

He will one day have his day in Court.