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How the irresponsible leaders of the robolution rob us and allow its members to rob Venezuelans blind

October 15, 2010

I am away for a few days, but I have been going around something I read right before I left Caracas that left me simply speechless, and I quote a translation from Spanish as precise, as I can do one (Pardon the length, but all words should be included, bold is mine):

“The boligarchy is nothing more that the singular or collective grouping of those who throughout this process have devoted themselves to amassing immense fortunes in the name of the revolution or simply of the ongoing revolutionary process…Many of them show off their wealth which they did not have before the arrival of the Government in December 1998″

These people are professional thieves, white collar and gray collar, with shirts which are roja, rojita in the best style of of those who have disguised themselves of a symbol, have managed to take advantage of the honey pot of power for their own personal benefit…behind a well protected facade, what these criminals that act in the name of the Bolivarian revolution have done is to enrich themselves with the money from the State

“These people should be denounced, separated from the socialist process led by President Chavez, all privileges obtained from their political connections should be removed from them and they should be tried as common criminals…The tragedy that the Bolivarian process carries on its back is the impunity that exists in practice and the lack of sentencing to those that can be shown in convincing manner of proven acts”

This text could have come from, for example, this blog during the last few years, or From Daniel’s, or Caracas Chronicles, or Alek Boyd’s, or so many others.

This is what we have been saying in English and for which we have been accused of being paid by foreign Governments or something ludicrous like that. We have also been insulted, called liars and so many other things for saying pretty much the same thing over and over during the last few years.

PSF’s and other pro-Chavez specimens regularly come here and comment on accusation of  corruptions by us, saying we hate Hugo, invent things and it is all lies.

Who said this? Who wrote this? Who is the author?

Well, this was quoted by El Nacional on Wednesday, section V, page 7 (by subscription) in an article written by Andres Rojas, quoting a book (which I have not seen) written by none other than Jorge Giordani, entitled “Everyday Impressions”, which was written during the last year and a half.

Yes, the same man that has been Minister of Chavez’ Cabinet for nine out of the last eleven years, that not once, never, has denounced any act of corruption and has been a staunch defender of Chavez, his policies and his revolution, makes the same accusations we did, but he had the power to make this formally, he had the contacts to do what nobody in the Chavez Government has done and try to clean up the robolution.

But he never did it!

Because he is such a fanatic, so irresponsible, so unethical and so immoral, that he never once said anything. He has allowed these “thieves” these people with “rojo, rojita” shirts, to “amass immense fortunes”, yes, to steal from the same Venezuelans who trusted Chavez and his robolution.

And in some sense he is also stealing from us, because the same article says Giordani has written and published three books during the last year and a half. He is paid to be Minister full time. He has been Minister of Planning form 1998-2002 and from 2004 to 2009 and now he is jointly Minister of Planning and Finance. With the way the country is going, the economic disaster, the crumbing infrastructure, 30% inflation and the robolutionaries stealing us blind, Mr. Giordani somehow thought he had the time to relax, and while we paid him his salary and perks as Ministers, he devoted his spare (!!) time to write three books.

We are always told that Giordani is “honest”. Well, he is not. Honest people would not have allowed any of what he writes about to take place in silence. Anyone honest should have either resigned long ago, denouncing what he is saying in his books or stayed in Government to fight. Instead, he has done nothing. He even comes and publishes these books quietly and to date, he has made nor formal accusations. He seems to know exactly who he is talking about.

Like the boligarchs he criticizes, Mr. Giordani is as dishonest and irresponsible as them and he too has been robbing us blind for the last eleven years!