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Supreme Rip-Off by Teodoro Petkoff

October 19, 2010
Supreme Rip-Off by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

The moribund National Assembly, by order, obviously, of Chacumbele is planning to appoint a new group of judges of the Supreme Court, based on the announced retirement of eleven of their current holders in March, and the appointment of 32 alternates, which so far has never been regulated. This is a serious political attack against the Republic.

Political, because the issue is not merely legal. From a purely formal or legal, Parliament would be empowered to make such designations, but it happens that the issue is not formal. Anyone would understand that elected a new National Assembly and with the old one having just over two more months, the prudent thing, which would make any government other than the Chacumbele (purely democratic, whatever its sign), would reflect the spirit of a national electoral decision that created a new political balance in both the country and in the National Assembly and the Supreme Court matter should be referred to the new Parliament. But, unfortunately for the country and its institutions, we have to deal with a government that is completely devoid of scruples, ready to rivet his control over the Supreme Court without having to go through the process of discussion and voting in a legislature where it will not have  2/ 3 of the members which would be necessary to move the roller over in order to remove the eleven judges and elect of their replacements.

The whole nomination process has been carried out in tricky fashion. The reprinting of the Supreme Court Act a few days ago, “due to a Copy error” introduced a change in the current text, in the most brazen and abusive manner. The time for the nomination process, which in the original text was set as “not less than thirty days”, now in the “reprint” appears as “no more” than a month. This sneaky trick favors “Express” applications, already decided by the Miraflores Palace, and makes it difficult for those who are not from the ruling party. From there on, everything has progressed according to plan to fill the chacumbelian Supreme Court with figures which are quite subdued, with no danger that some judges will have, as has happened in some cases, a certain spirit of independence and decency. Chacumbele, who now will not have an Assembly like that is dying, then wants to replace it with one which is an armored in chacumbelian fashion.  The  “new” eleven Judges and 32 alternates to be “elected” will be those who  Chacumbele will personally select from the herd of its advocates. Everything is so opaque, it is not known of the existence of a scale, the principles are not known, the time to exercise opposition is insignificant. The Assembly quickly, will please Chacumbele.

A question arises: Will this Colossal rip-off to the Republic pass under the table?