A not so Supreme Court

August 4, 2002

A not so Supreme Court

The big event this week in Venezuela was the fact that the Supreme Court did not approve a decision that would have started a trial for rebellion against four Generals which help to oust the Venezuelan President for two days in April. Analysts have focused on the decision (8 for, 12 abstained), the fact that the new decision will now be written by someone in the minority and whether the Court is simply delaying a decision. To me however, the most bothersome aspect has been that the Highest Court in the land also seems to be the most unethical. Newspapers had known the details of the decision for weeks. As early as three weeks ago, it was known that the vote would be 11-9 or 12-8, for the last two weeks it has been known with precision not only that it would be 12-8, but who was on each side. Thus the Supreme Court is composed of 20 men and women, who openly talk not only about the way they will vote, but the contents of the decisions being voted on even before they do. The question is not only is this a solid foundation to build a country on, but should we really care how they decide?

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