August 19, 2002

Digression 6.1: Google Experiment

My google experiment is not as succesful as I expected, but mostly because I dont quite understand how Google really works. I would have thought that once a page was catalogued, it would clearly not be removed from the cache. Well, as noted below, after 24 hours my blog was no longer referenced and then it magically reappeared again, only to dissapear again. So here is a list of the number of references for Phragmipedium kovachii and how they have evolved in time, as well as whether my blog (D.E.) is present or not. By now I am so intrigued by the results that I will continue the experiment and report periodically. Interestingly enough the Yahoo search engine has also dropped to only 8 references from 13:

08/16                  33 references D.E. present

08/17                  33 references D.E. not present

08/17 PM             28 references D.E. present

08/18                  28 references D.E. not present

08/19                  22 references D.E. not present


Would love any suggestions on possible explanations.



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