August 21, 2002

Police State or Democracy?

Imagine this:

The Mayor of City X notices a car following him for a few days. He sets up a raid with his own city police and they surround the car and arrest the people inside the car, noticing that there is some taping equipment within the car. The guys inside the car identify themselves as intelligence police. The Mayor calls the Attorney General to send someone to witness what is happening. While they wait, heavily armed members of the intelligence police show up to try to “liberate” the other agents. The Mayor insists they wait until the representative from the Attorney General’s office shows up. They refuse. Weapons are drawn. The Mayor and some cops stand on the way of the car so that it is not taken away. They back up the car over the sidewalk, running over three cops including the Director of the City Police. All of the agents of the intelligence police go away as cops, TV cameraman and others try to follow them. The Mayor accuses the people in the car of taping his conversations as he represents an opposition party.


Hitler 1940? Argentina 1976? Pinochet 1985? Fidel the last 40 years? No, Venezuela August 21 2002. This is the “democratic” Government the world asked be returned to power in April after the President resigned after his police massacred a peaceful demonstration.

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