B.R. 101: Injustice for the dead

August 24, 2002

B.R. 101: Injustice for the dead.

In April a peaceful demonstration asking the President to resign was massacred by Government supporters. Eighteen people were killed, more than one hundred injured. The President resigned, was replaced and came back in less than two days. One of his promises upon his return was to establish a “Truth Commision” to learn the truth about the killings. Today, four months later, the National Assembly controlled by the Government has yet to vote on establishing this commision.

Ten days ago, the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled that the Generals that refused to obey the President’s orders that day in April could not be tried for rebellion. Six days ago, the National Assembly speedily formed a Commission to investigate if any of the Supreme Court Justices lied about their credentials when they were named to the Highest Court. (A fact that was noted by the opposition when they were named to the Court).

Four months for the dead, four days for the President. That is called the exercise of immoral power.

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