El Nacional prematurely begins to charge

May 1, 2003


Local daily El Nacional began charging today for using its on-line version. The paper will charge US$ 40 per year for its on-line version.  I doubt the policy will last as they will likely find that their on-line readership will drop off dramatically in the next few days. I would pay for it if it were useful for the information I try to document in my blog, but I actually find it to be a terrible source to use. First of all, if one looks at the prior editions section, one can only look at the last week or so which is too limited (Using the search engine is simply too cumbersome). But perhaps the most important reason is that El Nacional is using a software, apparently developed locally, which does not allow me to link to specific pages. (Tal Cual is using the same software). Thus, you will likely see more of El Universal links here, which has been the case ever since El Nacional began using the new software.

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