The dubious coincidences of the Chavez revolution

May 7, 2003


Now, you will pardon me if I am somewhat dubious about the Chavez revolution and its stupid attempts to make things look different from what they are. Here we are, faced with a murder during an opposition march in which everyone in the Government says it is not a political murder, but a “personal” fight between the assassin and the union worker murdered, which has been described by various Government officials as a “loan shark”, a “union leader disputing his position” or “a fight over missing funds”. So it is not political, but curiously these are now the main characters in this non-political event, all of whom are “coincidentally” joined by an extremely political past:


The Assassin: Manuel Arias alias “El Pollo” well-known Chávez supporter leader of a Bolivarian circle, who pleaded innocent today, saying he was at the pro-Chavez rally when the murder took place and not at the opposition rally. This despite the fact that he was taped at the anti-Chávez demonstration waiting for it to arrive.


The Judge: Judge Maikel Moreno, the same one that ordered the detention of the two major opposition leaders in February (both now in exile)and who was appointed to his position because of his support for Chavez and despite the fact that he was once convicted for homicide and was jailed later for another homicide but was never convicted. (Can this happen anywhere else in the world?)


The Prosecutor: Chavista prosecutor Danilo Anderson who despite being an environmental prosecutor has been used by the Attorney General’ office to prosecute the major anti-Chavez cases including the murders of April 11, 2002.  That day in 2002, 19 people were killed and despite this all those accused that were pro-Chávez walk free today, despite being filmed shooting at the people in the march, while some cops who were not part of the initial shooting but belong to the anti-Chavez Metropolitan police sit now in jail.


The Lawyer: Carlos Duran, famous lawyer for infamous Chavez supporter Lina Ron, whose motto is “there is no change without violence” and who has used violence, political influence and once  freed her common-law husband from jail with her influence over the pro-Chavez mayor that had detained him, but still roams the streets of Caracas with impunity despite all of her illegal and violent acts and numerous detention orders. (She violated parole regulations last week, but nothing happened)


These are all supposed to be “non-political” people joined by those strange coincidences probably due to some sort of planetary or cosmological alignment that can only occur in the Chavez revolution. How can I question any of it? I must just be a skeptic, no? Political? Nooooooooo way….I must simply exaggerate.


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