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Pictures from the barbarie

December 11, 2003

I had tried to avoid the subject of the destruction last week in Plaza Altamira, mostly because religious issues are very emotional. But these pictures show what a barbaric incident it was, they need little commentary. Suffice to say that a pro-Chavez march went by Plaza Altamira (Altamira Square), which has been the icon of the dissident military against Chavez. An altar was placed there a year ago with two virgins. As the march went nearby, the Chavistas invaded the Plaza, destroyed the stand, painted graffiti on everything including the virgin and reportedly people even peed on the virgins, one of which was actually dessecrated. Even worse, Vice-President Jose Vicente Rangel is seen (he is the older guy in red in the middle picture, seeing applauding in the next frame looking straight into the square as the destruction was taking place) cheering the crowd on. What a cynic. He later said the damage was caused by opposition terrorists, while he actually was right there applauding. To those that know Plaza Altamira, they can recognize exacly where this despicable character of this “pretty” revolution was, looking towards where the destruction took place. This is pure hate, led by the Vice-President of our country. Shame on him, shame on all of them.

Note added: I am glad to see that I was not the only one severely offended by these images, as friends at venepoetics, burtonterrace, vcrisis and and the comments below have all expressed the same outrage.

Electoral shielding

December 11, 2003

The President of the Electoral Board said today they are shielded against outside influence. These are the reasons he gave:

-All workers veryfiying the sigantures were part of the teams that did a similar job in the last four presidential elections (CAP, Caldera, Chavez, Chavez…ummm all beging with C, maybe we should look for a Z)

-In each computer there will be a person that transcribes, one that verifies, a representative from the OAS, a representative from the Carter Center, a representative from the Chavismo, a representative from the opposition…..sounds like a complete set to me.

This sounds full proof, the question is only what will the Chavistas say after the signatures are validated.

Weil on the desecration of the virgin in Plaza Altamira

December 11, 2003

I did not want to talk about this, but it happened, it was very real, religious and politics do not mix (or should not mix) but through the genius of Weil my feelings are represented:

The pretty revolution…..long live Chavez 2021…..