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Futile rationality

January 8, 2004


Being rational is not easy. Trying to understand how things work as a way of forming opinions or proposing a better way of doing things may simply be futile in Venezuela. One of Hugo Chavez’ main problem as a President has been to surround himself by ass kissers or mediocre professionals for whom following the President was simply a way of advancing in their lives to levels orders of magnitude way above their  so called Peter Principle. But the more bizarre and irrational things get here in Venezuela, the more the lies and the stupidity become the accepted truth.  Thus, while Francisco Toro in  his latest post challenges anyone that can still support a government that pisses over the Constitution in order to steal from its own citizens (a challenge I was going to broadcast here, but which might also be an exercise in futility) and the Venezuelan Central Bank issues a press release explaining its role and why it can not simply give away any part of the international reserves, that depository of mediocrity, irrationality and irresponsibility called the National Assembly exhorts the Venezuelan Central Bank by a vote of 57 to 37 to “cooperate” with Chavez in  the request for his “millardito” (little billion). The discussion was so incredible bizarre, that the former President of the National Assembly William Lara even told the opposition not to worry that the money would not be used for the “political needs of the officials”. The only words missing appeared be “this time around”. Such is the callousness, cynicism and irrationality that permeates these individuals that rode Chavez’ coattails to positions beyond their abilities and interests and whose ethics leave a lot to be desired.


In the end, it may be us fools that spend their time writing in blogs, arguing, dreaming and discussing about a better Venezuela and trying to be rational about it, that are wasting our time. Maybe nobody will answer Francisco’s challenge, not because there is nobody who is ready to defend Chavez and his policies, but because those that still do, are not interested in creating a better Venezuela or truly solving the country’s policies, but simply are interested in preserving their own positions, getting richer and being on TV once a week. So, who cares about an intellectual challenge by a Caracas reporter-turned-oligarch (or is it the other way around?) who lives in Holland?


As a rational and educated individual, I always tend to believe that people are essentially good, well-meaning and honest. With time one learns this us far from the truth, but even that learning does not prepare you for how cynical, unethical or dishonest people can be. Fifteen years or so ago, part of the world was equally in love with the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua as they appear to be in love with our President today. When one reads Guillermo’s translation of the interview of former Sandinista leader Ernesto Cardenal, one can’t help but link it directly to what is going on in Venezuela today. Cardenal quotes Galeano as saying: “Those who were not afraid to give their lives were afraid to hand over their Mercedes Benz, their houses, and the products of that robbery carried out by the Sandinista leadership.” It seems as if the same is happening here, the main difference being that in our case they were never even willing to give their lives for their cause, neither literally, nor figuratively…