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Cattleya Loddigesii Tony Boss and others

February 22, 2004

Left: Cattleya Loddigessii Tony Boss, this is a legendary variety of that specoes. I has always had great shape, but this time the flower is simply huge!. Little scent. Left: Another Venezuelan Species Psychosis Papilioi. Great lip, the antennae could be better, so could the picture.

Another of my generous Gaskellianas, Gaskelliana Mimi x Aida, this is a Venezuelan species. There are four big flowers in the bunch, I could not find an angle for getting even two of them together.

This is Potinara Hoku Gem “Sun Spots”. I have hasd this plant for years. It was doing badly to the point I thought I was losing it. But I repotted and after three mediocre years it is beginning to flower often and for the first time, in many bunches.


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