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Contradictions and confrontations

May 17, 2004

All of a sudden and as if by magic, the Directors of the CNE, the same ones that on Saturday were saying that the OAS and Carter Center representatives had not retracted, said today that all “edges were smoothed out” and after informal communications the international missions had reiterated their respect for their CNE to make decisions.

This time around, not everyone was informed that the two sides had smoked the peace pipe as PPT Deputy Albornoz, made statements shortly afterwards that the representatives of the two international organizations should be replaced. Albornoz accused the OAS and the Carter Center of taking sides and being politicized.


But what can you expect of a Government whose Foreign Minister says that his own Government may have exaggerated the role of the paramilitary force captured last week, only to be contradicted by Chavez himself a few hours later, when the President said that they were planning to bomb the Presidential palace.


Continuing with the contradictions, tonight the Vice-President said that Generals Gonzales Gonzales and Uson are sought in relation to the paramilitary cases. Gonzales Gonzales was on of the Generals from Altamira Square, but Uson, who was Chavez’ Minister of Finance, has always distanced himself from the anti-Chavez movement. However, after the Vice-President said this, the military prosecutor refused to confirm that this was true.


Meanwhile the Government held a large rally yesterday against terrorism at which Chávez called for all citizens to become soldiers to defend the country. The concept was severely criticized by all opposition parties, rejecting the concept of having Venezuela become a country of militiamen.